Myanmar (Burma): The Ultimate Guide to – All you need to know!

Myanmar visitors guide, what you need to know before you go

 Overview: Ultimate Travel Guide to Myanmar (Burma). You can find everything you need to know for your trip to Myanmar. Transportation, accommodation, cuisine, or visa information.You can also download a map of the most interesting places to visit. Submitted by: Matej Matej’s Blog: Czech the World Read the full post: Ultimate Myanmar Guide Are you …

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15 important things you must know before Backpacking Myanmar

  Submitted by: Ach & Rym   From: Walk Beside Us   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Although Myanmar has had many struggles in the past (and continues to) it is a wonderful country where you will find some amazing attractions and incredibly friendly people. However, you definitely need to know a few things before …

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Complete Guide to the Bagan Hot Air Balloon

  Submitted by: Roshni Patel   From: The Wanderlust Within   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: The complete guide to the Bagan hot air balloon ride in Myanmar, including details on what to expect on the day, differences between each of the three hot air balloon companies, and where to get the best offers.