How to encounter and protect elephants in Thailand


Understandably, animal experiences are high on many travellers wish lists but there are often questions raised about the welfare of the animals involved . . . and rightly so. Visit elephants ethically Is it ever right to exploit animals for tourism gains? Isn’t that what zoos have been doing for years? I think as long as it’s …

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Hiking to Bai Tho Mountain

 Overview: Have you ever wondered if there is another way to experience stunning Halong Bay than jumping on an overcrowded party boat? Climbing to Bai Tho Mountain is an extremely amazing way to experience stunning Halong Bay. The mountain is located in the middle of busy and developing Halong City. It’s very easy to locate …

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5 Day Sao Miguel Azores Itinerary for the Best Trip Ever!


 Overview: Sao Miguel is one of the most beautiful places you may ever see. Whether you want beaches, hiking, waterfalls, lakes, volcanic craters, Sao Miguel has it all. If you want to see and experience some of the best hikes and views then Sao Miguel in the Azores is where you can get. You will …

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