Shravanabelagola – Home of the World’s Tallest Standing Monolithic Statue

The largest monolithic statue in the world in Shravanabelagola

 Overview: Sat on top of a hill, overlooking the small town of Shravanabelagola, you’ll find a gigantic statue of Bahubali, which is widely considered as one of the “7 wonders of India” and a must-see site for any temple lovers out there. Discover Shravanabelagola on Voyager Ths post comes from Voyager, a wonderful travel blog …

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Five places not to miss in Guatemala

Five amazing places to visit in Guatemala

Where is Guatemala? I know very little of Guatemala personally. I know it is in Central America, that it has a blue flag and that they make great coffee. That’s it really. But, as with everywhere on this planet, I hope one day I get to discover it for myself. However, the good news is …

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