Tokyo in just 24 hours

Is it possible to see Tokyo in just 24 hours? Well I still haven’t made it to Japan yet, but Tokyo (Well – the entire country) is getting closer and closer to the top of the list.

One of the things you come up against time and time again when backpacking is stretching your time. It’s all a balancing act, time spent in one place vs how many places you want to see. I have often had to sacrifice time in one place to fit in an extra visit somewhere else.

This blog is found on travel site erikastravels. It is a wonderfully descriptive piece of Erika’s experiences and what she did when she only had 24 hours to take in Tokyo. I will definitely be coming back to it before I go.

So if you are planning a trip or simply want to live the madness, enjoy the blog right here: What to see in Tokyo in just 24 hours.

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