Top 7 Things To Do In Legazpi Philippines

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A mere hour flight away from the capital, Manila, lies Legazpi City. An area popular amongst Filipinos but relatively unexplored by international tourists.

Legazpi is known for being home to the country’s most active volcano, Mount Mayon, which even features on the Philippines 100 peso bill. The explosive volcano towers over the city and its perfect conical shape can be seen from every corner of Legazpi.

It is the main draw to the city, but for the best views I suggest you visiting Sumlang Lake, Lingon Hill, Legazpi boulevard or Mayon Volcano observatory. Visit either early in the morning or at sunset when the tip of the volcano is more likely to be visible without any clouds obscuring your view.

This off the beaten track destination also has plenty to offer adventurous tourists, including quad biking through the lava fields, zip lining off the base of the volcano and even trying Legazpi’s spicy treat, Chilli ice cream.

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