Travel guide to India’s Golden Triangle

Your guide to India's Golden Triangle


If you are heading to India’s Golden Triangle, made up of the historic cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Arga, I highly recommend reading this post which has so much information on some of India’s most iconic places.

What to do in Dehli, Jaipur, and Arga

Although this post from Mokshta, on her blog misswithmigratorywings, is much more than just that, there is so much info about both of those cities, what to do, when to visit and her passion for the places. Here’s what Mokshta has to say:

“I am a curious admirer of India’s past and my preferred journeys have been those which express history. I have had several trips to India’s golden triangle cities especially Agra and Jaipur primarily because these have India’s preserved legacy and not too ancient to keep the world unaware of the legends that once existed here. The story behind each fort, palace or personal style is intriguing and makes me inquisitive every time I visit these sites.”

Check out Mokshta’s full Travel guide to India’s Golden Triangle

Visiting India's Golden Triangle

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