What are Twitter chats?

Twitter chats are an amazing way to share your stories, get advice and engage with others that have a passion for travelling. You will meet people from all over the world who will answer questions throughout the set time of the chat, and then if desired, can then continue the conversation afterwards. A great way to make new Twitter friends!

So how do Twitter chats work?

It’s pretty simple really. At the scheduled¬†time the host will ask a series of questions that include the chat-specific hashtag. In our case, it will be #TTBChat. Each question will be labelled with a number, then to answer and get involved you just need to start your tweet with A1 (or whatever question you are answering) and finish using the hashtag to ensure it will be seen by other people in the chat.

#TTBChat on Twitter

So how do I find it?

Just search the hashtag in Twitter, or a related program (I love Tweetdeck) and join in!

And then what happens?

Once a month I will collect my favourite answers and create a chat blog post, a roundup of some of the best questions, answers and links to some of the best posts shared.

So who asks the questions?

It will be a mixture, each week will be different. Some weeks I will be setting the questions, I also have fellow travel bloggers lined up as guest hosts and hopefully, there will be some sponsored chats in the future, maybe even some prizes for the best answers.

Can I get involved?

Of course, if you would like to be a guest host or have¬†any other questions, just drop me an email and let’s chat – [email protected]

I’m in, so when do they start so I can be online?

I’m still waiting to confirm, but I am hoping to be ready in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t decided the best day or time yet if you would like to be kept in the loop, drop me an email or just keep an eye on my social media channels (links at the bottom of the page) where there will be announcements shortly.

Are you a Travel Blogger?

If you want your blog to be added to our map be sure to check out our submit your blog page here: https://www.thetravelblogs.com/submit-your-blog