Tulum Ruins Tour: Why It’s So Good?

  Submitted by: Manuel Sanchez 

  From: Man Everywhere 

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The title of this post says a lot with so little, in essence, the tours around Tulum are really amazing, the Mayan ruins of this place are among the best places you can find in Mexico.

In my post, I talk about each of the structures that are in the archaeological zone of Tulum. Tips to make your trip easier. In addition, based on my experience, I give you advice, as well as transportation options, schedules in which you can fully enjoy your experience in the ruins of Tulum. As well as a bit of history about these magnificent old buildings.

What better place to relax than to watch the sunrise in the ruins of Tulum, which are kept vigilant in front of the Caribbean Sea. You can read more about the ruins of Tulum in this very complete guide that I have made to help other travelers.

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