Understanding London’s Metro system, AKA The Tube

There are many great ways to get around if you are visiting London. A personal favourite of mine it the Thames Clipper, a public transport boat service (complete with bar) which is great for sightseeing as well as getting you from one side of London to the other. Of course, you also have the iconic black cabs, and a sporadic bus service.

However, if you are factoring cost, reliability and efficiency,  The Tube, London’s underground train network, is probably the best option. But it is worth doing a little research first to avoid scenarios such as . . .

If you pay a full cash fare between Covent Garden and Leicester Square, it’ll not only take twice as long, but cost you more per metre of track than a trip on the Orient Express!!!

Your complete guide to the London Underground

Your complete guide to the London Underground

The quote above comes courtesy of this post from Rosie on her blog Flying Fluskey. This is one of the best guides I have read, it doesn’t really focus on getting you where you have to go, there are apps for that after all, but it really focusses on how to do it, underground etiquette and is packed with loads of helpful advice and links to Transport For London websites.

So, do yourself a favour. If you are considering riding on the worlds oldest underground network, or even just want a bit of a giggle at British culture, read Rosie’s Guide to the London Underground, you won’t be sorry.

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