How to visit the Florida Keys in a few days

I have been on the look out for a good blog about the Florida Keys since I started this website. I used to live there a fair few years ago and have so many happy memories of the place. Sadly it was before I started writing, and as with many people who visit The Keys for a few days or a few years, due to the lifestyle, many of your memories won’t be complete! I do remember spending many an evening on Duval Street, sometimes only just getting back in time to get changed and work the breakfast shift at the hotel I was working in at the time.

Florida Keys Entertainment during the Key West sunset
Entertainment during the Key West sunset

Anyway, if ever I get around to writing up those memories, they’ll probably all be out of date. Luckily I found this on the travel blog Elizabeth and Dale abroad. The blog chronicles their three-day trip from Orlando to The Keys and, by my reckoning, is almost the perfect itinerary. The only bit missing is stopping off for a spot of lunch at Little Palm Island on your way through. Click the link, it’s a stunning slice of paradise! (Slightly biased as I used to work there).

Elizabeth and Dale enjoyed all the top things to do while visiting, a great place to start planning your visit.


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