How to visit Windsor Castle

Famous worldwide, Windsor Castle has been home to Kings and Queens for over 1000 years. Steeped in history it is a highlight of many visits to the UK. However, it’s not cheap, especially when visiting with a family and I find that some castles are best viewed from the outside as they can be somewhat underwhelming when you go inside. So does Windsor Castle fall into that trap and will it just disappoint? Well, I can’t answer those questions myself, but fortunately, I have come across a blog that can.

Wonderful Windsor

Wonderful data-suggestions=”Changes,Ranges,Traveling,Deviations,Winds,Shifts,Trips,Adventures,Distortions,Outs” data-index=”21″ data-category=”thesaurusword_N” data-sub-category=”Wanderings” data-urls=”” data-help=”” data-original-text=”Wanderings” data-tag-id=”c8a42e5f-cc32-4380-bda5-b9534a652197″ data-x-title=”Alternatives: Changes, Ranges, Traveling, Deviations, Winds, Shifts, Trips, Adventures, Distortions, Outs”>Wanderings is a travel blog from Belgian blogger Sofia. Here she has produced an excellent piece all about the home of the British Royal Family. In it she visits the castle to deliver the full lowdown as to whether it is worth spending the money to go inside the castle or just view from the outside. It also has all the information you need to know about getting to Windsor Castle, whether by bus or train and some magnificent photos. 


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