Visiting Namibia with kids – Complete Country Guide

Namibia is so high on my bucket list that it’s almost erupting out of the top. A vast country in South West Africa, it offers amazing nature, with jaw-dropping landscapes and wonderful wildlife as well as a great mix of towns and culture.

Things to do in Namibia

This post comes from Marcelle on her family travel blog Greyworldnomads. Now although as suggested in the title, the post is about what to do and how suitable Namibia is for families, it’s actually a fantastic resource for anyone visiting the country.

In the post, Marcelle covers everything you want to know, including extensive information about where to stay Namibia, including loads of suggested campsites, advice and what to expect if you self-drive, the best time to visit the country and a whole lot more.

Desert Safari in Namibia visiting with kids

I highly recommend this post if you are planning a visit to Namibia, looking for an awesome place to visit or even just want to see some amazing pictures. Read the full post; What to do in Namibia with kids.

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