Know before you go, visiting the Colosseum in Rome


The Colosseum. So iconic it gets to use the prefix the, not a or one of many, but the! The fact it still stands (well, most of it does) is a testament to the Roman Empire and has made it famous worldwide.

Did you know this about the Colosseum?

This post is from Abby, on her blog TheWingedFork. It was when she was visiting the Colosseum and she overheard another tourist asking her daughter that question, ‘What’s a gladiator?’, the inspiration for this post struck.

Gladiator in the Colosseum

Abby says: “It was somewhat mindboggling that someone visiting this magnificent marvel didn’t know it’s history, or didn’t bother reading the boards on display there.  So I decided to create a list of things people should already know about the Colosseum before visiting to get the most out of their time there. The list includes the gory, the good, the majesty and the history.

“Yes, it is beautiful, awe-inspiring and magnificent, but it is also sombre and macabre. The Colosseum must be respected for what it is, a reminder of what a few blood-thirsty men can do to entire civilizations.”

This isn’t your standard listicle, the way Abby writes sucks you in. There aren’t many list posts that also tell a story, this is one of the few and highly recommended if you are planning a visit to Rome and the Colosseum or even just want to learn a little more about the iconic Roman building.

So read Abby’s post here, 7 things to know before visiting the Colosseum.

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What to know before visiting The Colosseum in Rome

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