Hike Mt Acatenango Volcano in Antigua, Guatemala


When I saw the title of this post, I hope it would be as awesome as it sounded, and I wasn’t disappointed! Hiking Mt. Acatenango in Guatemala sounds unmissable. Not only do you get some amazing sunrise photos, but you are also treated to as close as you dare vies of Mount Fuego, and actively erupting neighbouring volcano.

The post is from Ashley, on her blog Live Whilst You’re Alive. In it, she chronicles her hike to the top of Mount Acatenango including tips on where to book your hike and how hard you can expect it to be. The photos of camping within sight of a lava-spewing volcano (not the one she was on, luckily) were enough to bump it up my bucket list a few places!

Amazing views of Mt Fuego while hiking Mt Acatenango

Heres what Ashley has to say: “I visited Guatemala and did a volcano hike up Mt. Acatenango.  It is the dormant sister volcano to the active Mt.Fuego.  Erupting every 15 minutes, I was able to witness lava spewing down its sides as I camped above the clouds, under the stars watching the incredible firey display!”

Continue reading Ashley’s post on her website while I grab my bucket list and move Hiking Mount Acatenango up a few spots.

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  1. Woah, there are some incredible people and indeed incredible experiences to be had – Thanks Max


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