Why You Should Visit Benin, West Africa

Why You Should Visit Benin, West Africa

I’ll throw it out there and say that visiting Benin isn’t at the top of many bucket lists, but that doesn’t mean there is no reason to visit. The country has an interesting history and rich culture crafted from voodoo traditions and being a major hub in slave routes.

“Benin is not a tourist hotspot”

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go there. This post comes from Dinh-Long Pham, A French-born Vietnamese traveller and blogger on the way to his roots. Here’s what he has to say about a country he obviously fell in love with:

“Benin is not a tourist hotspot in West Africa – and it’s a shame! I had such a great time there: from the origins of Voodoo to the artwork tradition, the everyday life craziness or the long history of the country, Benin is definitely a place to explore and there is something for every taste!

It’s also a nice place to have your African suits done ;)”

So if you want to know a little more about why you should visit Benin, read on.

The history and how voodoo culture shaped Benin's people

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