Wine capital of the world? Book me a ticket to Bordeaux!


France is often considered the home of wine and visiting Bordeaux, one of it’s finest regions, is high up on any wine lovers bucket list. There is no doubt that the city is heavy on wine-related activities to keep any oenophile happy, however, that’s not everything.

Much more than wine in Bordeaux

There is more to the city than just wine (although don’t miss out on that bit) and this post from Ana, on her blog Jaunting Trips, gives you some great ideas. Here is what Ana has to say:

“Bordeaux is a surprising city, that has been on a path of reinventing itself. In the past 20 years, the city has really changed its face from the clogged streets, dirty limestone facades from pollution and abandoned warehouses. In the city divided by Garonne rive, you get to experience best of both worlds: classic French architecture & modern buildings, street art and concept venues.

Some of the amazing things you will find in Bordeaux: a museum dedicated to wine, largest water mirror in the world and old military barracks transformed in to an incubator for sustainable development. For the rest, I invite you to read and discover the wine capital of the world.”

Goes without saying that there are some amazing pictures too, so if you want to know more about the city of wine, head to The Wine Capital of the World now!

The world's largest water mirror

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