World Pride 2017 – Putting the Mad in Madrid

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to write this, however “recently” World Pride took place in Madrid, a week long celebration of events culminating in a huge parade and concerts taking place through out the city.

Word Pride doesn’t happen every year

Each year Madrid hosts its own pride festival, but this year was special, it was World Pride. An event that moves from city to city and finds a different home each time. The last world pride took place in 2014 in Toronto and the next World Pride event will be 2019 in New York. If Madrid was anything to go by, it will be amazing.

Throughout the week, over three million people were visiting Madrid, Spain’s Capital, almost doubling the population. As you can imagine it was busy, very busy.

World Pride 2017 took place in Madrid

Living in Madrid, I had to check it out

Personally, I’m not one for large crowds, I’d much rather seek out a quiet corner, peace upon a hill top, but with something this big is happening in my back yard, I had to check it out.

I headed into the city for the parade and man was it busy. I had decided to base myself by the iconic Cebales fountain to take some snaps, and apparently, so did everyone else.

As I walked down Gran Via, from the Metro, I was swept away in a river of rainbows as thousands made their way to the parade route.

The Cebales fountain acted as an estuary, filtering the river into many directions before spitting me out into a sea of humanity, and boy, what a colourful sea it was.

Cibales Fountain in Madrid during Pride Week

Everyone was getting into the Pride 2017 atmosphere

There were people covered from head to toe in Rainbows while others lapped up the sunshine covered in . . . well . . . not a lot. My main concern was if they had all applied their sunscreen as if not, there would be some very hard to explain tan lines in the morning.

The parade was due to pass at about 7 pm, being Spain, that translated to 9 pm. While waiting, it was a lot of fun just getting pictures of some of the costumes as the anticipation built.

Finally, the parade arrived. and stopped. And got going again. Then stopped. There were police interspersed about every 200 metres to clear the road of over enthusiastic partiers blocking the way.

Over 3 million people visited Madrid for Pride 2017

Each time they passed you could feel the crush, lines and lines of people being pushed back, squeezed together. My nose spent a lot of time in various armpits. It’s always when in crowds I curse that my body stopped growing upwards and decided to take the outwards route at 5 foot 8 (about 172 cms).

After about 2 hours and only seeing the people holding banners go past, I started to get a little restless and retreated from the parade to explore further.

I wandered up to Sol to find a huge stage, live music and a drag queen with people queuing for photos. I’m not sure who she was, but she seemed popular.

I liked the new take on the iconic Madrid ‘Bear and Tree’ symbol.

Even the toilets were getting the rainbow treatment.

I headed a bit further and ventured into Plaza Mayor where there was another stage, but nothing happening.

By now my crowd patience was running out and I decided to retreat home and relax.

I’m happy I did head out and see the festivities. It’s unlike anything else I have really been to. The atmosphere was electric, almost everyone more than happy to talk to you, even happier to pose for a picture.

The only thing missing was this tagline – World Pride 2017, putting the Mad in Madrid.

World Pride 2017, Madrid in photos:

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18 thoughts on “World Pride 2017 – Putting the Mad in Madrid”

  1. I’m all for Gay rights and equality. I am silently fighting for them. But pride is a discriminating, provoking and unnecessary thing for me. I have a lot of reasons why I believe that, but it’s not the place or the time to explain them. I will never even support this by attending though!

  2. I knew that individual cities had their own Pride events, but I never knew before that World Pride was a thing! This looks like a really colourful and joyous occasion and I hope that you had a great time there.

  3. wow, World Pride in NYC in 2019? I used to attend the annual Pride Parade there when they held it in June and it was already nuts. I just love the costumes, the music, everyone’s hair and makeup – it’s always a good time.

  4. wow! I’ve been to madrid, but only for a few days, and it’s truly gorgeous there! Your pictures really captured the moment and spirit!!! Though I have to say Pride weekend/day in NYC is absolutely crazy, so I can’t imagine it getting any wilder or busier!!!!!
    Beautiful shots, Bee

  5. Looks like one heck of a busy event, colorful too. The dresses look amazing too, I can’t imagine myself doing this but one never knows :), thanks for sharing


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