The Goa that people don’t see

Behind the scenes of Goa

 Overview: When people speak of Goa, the first thing that comes to mind is sandy beaches and cold beers. Well maybe also xacuti masala and crab curry. 😉 But there’s also a lot in Goa that’s off the beaten path and unusual. Did you know that Goa has rock carvings from the Mesolithic ages? Or …

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Eating worms in France

Eating worms in the futuristic theme park

 Overview: I stared at them for some time before working up the nerve to eat them. My boyfriend on the other hand happily munched on them; both the grillions and the worms. After taking a few pics of him eating them, I finally tasted a grillion. It was crunchy, and didn’t really have a taste. …

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Scary Voices in Mayerling, Austria

 Overview: Part travel blog, part ghost story, all fun read, this post about Mayerling, a small town in Austria close to Vienna, comes from Abby on her travel blog The Winged Fork. It tells the story of Abby and her sister’s trip to the Heiligenkreuz Abbey and the surrounding Vienna Woods. The Winged Fork in Austria “Where? …

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