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How to use the travel blog map

Use your mouse or two fingers to move around, zoom in and out, find where you are looking for and see what’s there.

Just click on the pins to open up the information and click the link to visit the full post.

Why the interactive map of travel blogs?

The idea for the map came when I was travelling and searching for fun blogs about where I was heading, but finding it difficult. The web was full of generic top 10 posts that weren’t really relevant, or articles that claimed to be about a specific destination, but just wasn’t.

So the goal of the map is to make great travel blogs easier to find based on where you are going. You can find travel blog posts, stories, what to do lists and all kinds of information from across the world with my interactive travel blog map.

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If you are a blogger and want to get involved by submitting your own posts, I’d love to check them out Just visit my submit a blog post page for the information.