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There are no limits to what we are looking for and everywhere is possible.

What we require is a 100-300 word synopsis of the blog you are linking to and a couple of pics, I’ll do the rest.

The reason for the synopsis is to introduce your post, please don’t just copy and paste bits from it – very bad SEO ju ju.


It must be a link to a post and not the homepage of your blog.

The synopsis can be a bit about you but the aim is to have it in that particular post – a place to pin – not your entire blog.

Also – If you would rather I use photos from the post rather than uploading just let me know. I won’t use any of your pics unless you say so.

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What should you write in your synopsis

The idea is that it is an introduction to your post so think about where it is, why you wrote it, what you like about it and finish with a call to action that will make the reader want to continue to read and follow that link.

Please bear in mind these two points:

1. Submission doesn’t guarantee publication. I want The Travel Blogs to be home to the best blogs so if I don’t feel the piece you are linking to fits, then I won’t publish it. Nothing personal.

2. I reserve the right to alter the copy slightly to fit in with our style or to improve SEO.

What makes a great travel blog (in my opinion)

I love storytelling blogs. Lists are easy to create but to tell a story and transport someone to that destination through the power of your words is something different altogether. I want the stories to be entertaining and engaging, not jus We did this then we did that. Why did you do it? What was it like? Would you do it again? Would you do it differently?

That said, I’m not completely against lists, so if it is well thought out and will offer value to readers then great, submit it.

Images. I love taking photos and seeing amazing photos. If your images are great then even if it’s an average list it may still make it.

Finally blog design, they’ve got to look good too, I’m not going to link to anything that is crowded with adverts and affiliate links.

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