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Where to post travel blogs?

Ever just found yourself wondering, where can I post my blog link for free?

I mean it’s already difficult enough creating great content, and then there comes the really hard bit, promoting it.

Well . . . I would love to pin your travel posts on The Travel Blogs interactive travel maps.

Join over 300 other bloggers and become a contributor to our free article submission site for travel bloggers as I post by post try and map out the world.

I will share your travel blog posts

I want to be clear that this is one of the few blog submitting sites that is focused on sharing great content and driving traffic to your blog, not stealing it. I will use the synopsis you supply below and the link will direct users to the post on your page.

There are no limits to what I am looking for and everywhere is possible.

How to submit blog posts – Read First

Location Title – Your blog post title
Location Address – Town (this is optional)
Location Address Line 2 – Country (also optional)
Tooltip – This is a pop up on the pin under the title that adds a bit of personalisation. It is not required, but I would strongly advise Adding “From [your name] at [blog name]”
For example: From Matt at the Travel Blogs
Description – This is a brief synopsis of your post. When a visitor clicks on the map pin, they will see the pop up so you have a paragraph to entice them to click.
Be sure to also use the hyperlink tool to add a link to the post on your site.

If you don’t, then I won’t be able to find your site and share your post.
If you have a youtube URL you can include it, if not please include a minimum of one photo to make your listing look pretty.

To submit a travel blog post to be pinned on our maps, use the map below to locate where you would like it pinned (the post must relate to a destination) and fill in the pop up:

Zoom into the location of where your post is about, double click, fill and submit 🙂

Show My Location

But there is more …

The above is great to get your post in my maps, but if you want to go a little further, you can also submit a post that will have a better chance of generating traffic through to your site. All I require is a synopsis of the post, around 200 words, to give the reader an overview and entice them to your site.

Once pinned to a map, if you create a post as well, it will in my social media rotations and included in my weekly email campaigns (sign up here if you haven’t already).

Where possible I will try to tag you in any social media shares, so if you see it, a further share or engagement is always welcome.

Just fill in the details below.

I will be cropping images to a size of 800px x 500px, please ensure they are a minimum of 800 wide and preferably of landscape orientation.

This is a blog posting site for travel bloggers to share their posts, not tour companies looking for a quick and easy backlink promoting themselves.

One last thing before submitting your blog post

It must be a link to a post and not the homepage of your blog.

The Travel Blogs is one of the top blog submitting sites where you can submit articles online for free, this is because quality matters and I don’t just want copy and paste.

The reason I ask for a synopsis is to introduce your post and convince a reader to click through to your blog, please don’t just copy and paste bits from it, also this would be very bad SEO juju.

No Sponsored or paid for posts. Posts that are about a sponsored trip or stay are OK, as long as it’s not glaringly obvious and comes over as genuine.

This is for a blog posting site for travel bloggers, so sorry, not travel agencies or companies looking for cheap backlinks.

The synopsis can be a bit about you but the aim is to have it in that particular post – a place to pin – not your entire blog.

What should you write in your synopsis

This is the introduction to your post so sell it and make the reader click the link. Think about where it is about, why you wrote it, what’s your favourite bit in it and be sure to finish with a great call to action that will make the reader want to continue to read and follow that link.

Please bear in mind these three points:

  • 1. This is a blog submitting sites where you can submit articles online for free, however, submission doesn’t guarantee publication. See tips below for what I look for.
  • 2. I reserve the right to alter the copy slightly to fit in with our style or to improve SEO.
  • 3. The posts are about a destination and need to be pinned to a map, this means they must be destination specific. Posts about generic travel advice, packing lists or anything of that kind will most likely not be published.

What makes a great travel blog post (in my opinion)

I love useful posts that also tell a story. Lists are pretty straight forward to create, but to tell a story and transport someone to that destination through the power of your words is something different altogether. I want the stories to be entertaining and engaging, not just I did this then I did that. Why did you do it? What was it like? Would you do it again? Would you do it differently?

That said, I’m not completely against lists, so if it is well thought out and will offer value to readers then great, submit it.

Images. I love taking photos and seeing amazing photos.

As mentioned above, sponsored trips are OK as long as the post comes over as genuine and not just a good review for a free activity or stay, it can’t be sounding like an advert.

Finally blog design, they’ve got to look good too, I’m not going to link to anything that is crowded with adverts and affiliate links.

submit your travel blog posts to The Travel Blogs

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