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The Travel Blogs is where you can find great blogs from all around the world on my interactive travel blog map. Just head over to the map page and enjoy exploring some of the great content available.

I’m Matt, founder of The Travel Blogs & that’s me on a little chair with a little beer. I created this site intending to make blogs for travel and posts from the best travel blogs easy to find.

While travelling, I found it hard to find good travel blogs with posts about the places I wanted to visit. I would often find good travel bloggers or posts about a place I wanted to visit, sometimes, I got lucky, but often I was frustrated.

Home to some of the best travel blogs and post from famous and undiscovered travel bloggers

On this travel blog website, you will find blogs about travel from all over the world, from famous travel bloggers to new talent creating great content.

I aim to make this one of the best sites for tips and advice while traveling the world. I’m happy you have found my little corner of the web, and I hope you enjoy your time here, find something cool and come back sometime.

The Travel Blogs interactive travel blog maps make fun it easy to find blogs for travel based where you want to read about.

From famous travel bloggers to up and coming new travel blogs, find great travel blogs to read everyday .

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The Travel Blogs original content page is a place where I post and share news about other travel bits that aren’t necessarily destination-based, such as my 19 travel tips and how I learned them the hard way.

Also As a blogger myself, it is important to me that I also include personal travel blog on my website as well as links to other bloggers. You can check out my original content page or keep an eye out for those red pins while searching the travel blog maps.

Oh, and I also have a book!

My travel diary and advice book, where it all began back in Africa. You can get a free digital copy by clicking the book image on the left and subscribing to our updates. Alternatively buy it on Amazon here: How To Clean Your Underwear In Africa: Helpful Advice For Travellers.

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  • The 17 Autonomous Regions Of Spain

    The 17 Autonomous Regions Of Spain

    Spain is a fantastic place to live in or visit. The big question is, where in Spain do you want to live? With 50 provinces of Spain within 17 autonomous regions of Spain, there is a perfect place for everyone. These autonomous regions are where the central government has allowed the autonomous communities to self-govern…

  • The Best Hotels In Madrid, Spain

    The Best Hotels In Madrid, Spain

    Stay in the best hotels in Madrid, Spain for your price point. From Luxury to budget, there is something for everyone.

  • Things to do in Gibraltar with toddlers | Guide for Parents | Fun and Engaging Activities

    Things to do in Gibraltar with toddlers | Guide for Parents | Fun and Engaging Activities

    Traveling to Gibraltar with little ones? Discover Things to do in Gibraltar with toddlers in this guide! Keep your little explorer entertained and engaged for a memorable trip.

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You can submit posts here, share your travel blog posts, or drop me a line at hello@ thetravelblogs.com.