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No, that’s not a typo. The Travel Blogs blog is a place where I can post and share news about other travel bits that aren’t necessarily destination based. The news often has interesting travel stories that I share and travel bloggers are always telling their best travel hacks.

This is the place where you can find all of that content which doesn’t get pinned to the travel blog map.

Also As a blogger myself, it is important to me that I also include personal travel posts on my website as well as links to other bloggers. Also, as it’s my site, I have the opportunity to make them stand out a little more. So keep an eye out for the red pins with the logo and that indicates it’s one of mine.

Looking back to the copper coloured peaks

Lanzarote exposed: your guide and what to do on your visit

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How to visit the Thailand Monkey Temple

Visiting Thailand’s Lopburi Monkey Temple: What you need to know

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10 Top Lanzarote Vineyards You Can Visit And More

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