The best (and worst) airports in the world

So the new list is out, Gatwick scores an astonishing 0!

I’ve only recently discovered Airhelp, and it’s a great resource. They are basically a site dedicated to helping travellers know their rights when it comes to flying and helping them see if they have been treated unfairly.

Be honest, who knows the real rules regarding compensation for delayed or cancelled flights? Not many of us and that is why this site is so helpful. I’m sure they’re super busy on the back of BA’s latest disaster!

Anyway, the rankings!

So, Airhelp rank airports on a number of statistics to work out the best. They combine a scoring system for on time performance, quality of service and passenger sentiment.

For ‘on time’ they pull from the previous season stats to work out how likely you are to leave on time. They then throw in some info from, who are dedicated to improving the quality of the customer experience for airlines and airports across the world. They also monitor passengers experience on Twitter.

So they gather all this info and chuck it into a mixing pot, probably like a witches cauldron, do a bit of cackling, boiling and toiling and come up with a score out of 10.

And the best airport in the world is

It’s no surprise to me the Singapore Chanai Airport came out as number one. I’ve passed through there a couple of times and been almost more excited about the airport than the destination. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend it.

But let’s be honest, we don’t really care too much. Well done and all that, but who are the worst? Ahhahhahh (really bad witches cackle).

I’m not sure if I’m proud of these results or not

I will say I’m not surprised. The UK is home four of the world’s six worst airports! That’s right, an astonishing 66.666666666666% of the world six worst performing airports are right here in the UK.

The reason I went for six rather than five was just so I could include Edinburgh, otherwise I would have had to put England rather than the UK!

Whether it’s the pride that we Brits have in giving poor service or the complete ambivalence to doing actual work, I don’t know, but that’s a good result.

The airport execs will probably be a little disappointed the fact Kuwait managed to beat them to the bottom spot, but I’m sure they make a concerted run and really try to come last next year.

However, to get over that minor disappointment, they can take solace in the fact the Gatwick was the only airport considered bad enough to score a big fat zero on passenger sentiment. Even the Kuwaitis couldn’t manage that.

The best airports in the world

Stansted – I kind of have a personal vendetta

Having spent a lot of time in Stansted, I can confirm that I am slightly surprised to see how well they have performed, only 5th from last. After all, they are the only airport that has ever pushed me to actually writing a letter of complaint as opposed to just thinking about it.

I can’t remember if it was the rude, brash, shouty security staff or the endless walk of retail they force you the walk through while spotty store assistants try to ambush you with their latest perfume and you come out smelling like you’ve spent the night in a Nevada bordello.

If you’re going to give me free stuff, make it alcohol as I have the next two hours in this stupid, over crowded airport.

Stansted – where making money and treating it’s passengers like cattle are top of the charter. I’m actually surprised that the security staff do not have cattle prods. Wow – it was a bad day!

Anyway, enough of my wittering, here are the best and the worst airports in the world at the moment.

Top five airports in the world

Singapore Changi Airport 9,07
Munich International Airport 8,66
Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong 8,42
Copenhagen Kastrup Airport 8,04
Helsinki – Vantaa Airport 8,03

Bottom six airports in the world

Edinburgh Airport 6.10
London Stansted Airport 6.07
Newark Liberty International Airport 5.92
Manchester Airport (GB) 5.43
London Gatwick Airport 5.38
Kuwait Airport Kuwait  5.02
See the full listings of the world’s best airports on Airhelp and follow them on Twitter for loads of helpful travel info @TheAirHelper

What do you think? Have you ever been to any of these airports? Got any stories to tell? Do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Gatwick ain’t that bad! Stansted is worse if you ask me! Oh and since I have just visited Singapore’s, let me tell you that apart from the shops (which are so much more expensive even than Bond Street’s), the restaurants are average or below, and the cleaningness in not so busy terminals, not what they would be proud of. Yet they do have some “pretty” gardens inside the facility.


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