Ubud Monkey Forest Bali – Helpful Guide and FAQs

A surprised monkey in the Ubud monkey forest

I can never miss the chance to interact with my primate brothers so you can imagine my excitement about arriving in Ubud and visiting a place named the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Now depending on whose blog you read, you will find mixed reviews about the Ubud Monkey Forest. Some people (like me) enjoy it …

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Diving in Komodo Indonesia

A journey of fire, dragons and water, sounds like something out of a fantasy book right? Well it is real and you’ll find it in Indonesia. the island of Komodo gives name to its most famous residents, the huge komodo dragons. But did you know the volcanic island is also home to some amaxzing diving …

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Visit Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple in Batam, Indonesia

  Submitted by: Amila Wickramarachchi   From: Leisure and Me   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Batam, the beautiful Island of Indonesia is popular as a destination for short relaxing getaways. Among the popular activities to do in Batam, you will find food, spa and shopping are in the top of the lists. However Batam …

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Best Beaches in Nusa Lembongan: Where to Sunbathe, Snorkel & Chill

  Submitted by: Michelle Della Giovanna   From: Full Time Explorer   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Nusa Lembongan is a tiny island off the coast of Bali. While it’s still part of Bali, it often gets treated as a day trip location. Most people don’t realize that Nusa Lembongan is the ideal place to …

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Waterbom Bali: The Ultimate Guide to Asia’s Number 1 Water Park

  Submitted by: Neil Fahey   From: The Bushwalking Blog   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: If you’re heading to Bali with kids, you’ve probably already heard about Waterbom Bali. Waterbom is a vibrant, fun-filled water park located in the bustling tourist hub of Kuta. While it’s aimed primarily at families, anyone can have a …

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How I learnt to surf in the paradise of Kuta, Lombok

The finest beaches in Indonesia

Lying chest down on my board, gently bobbing up and down, I wait for the big one, the wave that I will catch, rise up like a phoenix and triumphantly ride the ocean like Neptune himself, fist-pumping the air as bikini-clad bathers watch in admiration my tidal dominance. It’s going to be easy right? I …

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Exploring Kuta, Lombok, in 72 hours

The beaches of southern Lombok

 Overview: Kuta, in southern Lombok, is a truly special area with plenty of stunning beaches to explore. I visited myself a couple of years ago when I learnt to surf (great place to do that) but this post is from another lucky couple that have discovered the delights of Lombok. Miles Less Traveled It comes from husband …

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Dragons and sunsets, welcome to Flores

Komodo dragons in the island of Flores

I was so close but didn’t make it . . . have I regretted it ever since? Yes. Even more so when I find cheeky little blogs like this flying around. It has all the reasons you need to visit the Indonesian island of Flores alongside some epic photos. Discovered on the travel site runawayjuno, the …

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