A chance encounter in the Armenian Wilderness

Meeting locals in Armenia

 Overview: Sometimes when you are travelling amazing things happen. People often ask travellers where their favourite place was, most amazing animal, but very really do they ask who was the most amazing person you met. To me, that is travelling. A forest encounter in the Armenian wilderness This post comes from Anna, on her blog, …

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7 Fantastic One Day Barbados Itineraries

things to do in Barbados

 Overview: You can experience many ‘must see’ Barbados attractions without losing your relaxing vacation at the beach. Even when visiting Barbados with kids. We’re going to show you how! Using our series of 7 one day Barbados itineraries you too can enjoy your well-earned vacation in Barbados. Remember, the goal is to enjoy Barbados attractions …

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The Rubbish Cathedral in Mejorada Del Campo

Catedral de Justo: One Man’s Dream, Another Man’s Rubbish Dump So I heard about a pretty amazing Cathedral the other day. It’s relatively close to Madrid and if you’re visiting the city for a couple of days, this Cathedral would definitely make a unique addition to your Madrid itinerary. Estimated read time 3-4 mins. Feeling lazy? …

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Willhard’s 3084km cycling solo fundraiser for IRUDI

Imagine a 3084km charity bike ride and you’ll probably think of a large group of lycra clad riders on expensive bikes, cruising along tarmacked roads past iconic landmarks. Well, not this one. This ride in Africa was slightly different. When the rest of his group backed out at the last minute, Willhard was faced with …

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A Quick Visit to Tarazona Spain: Top Things to See

What to see during a visit to the old town of Tarazona in Spain

When looking for places to visit that were close to Zaragoza, we were recommended Tarazona. The man in the Zaragoza tourist office told us it is pretty Medieval town dripping in the Mudejar style of architecture with a stunning cathedral, and he wasn’t lying.  The town is built in tiers overlooking the Queiles River and …

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17 Hidden European gems you must visit

There are so many smaller towns and cities in Europe that are begging to be discovered. Wherever you find yourself, there is an adventure to be had nearby. I loved this blog because it shares the same attitude as myself, take advantage of any situation wherever you may be. You are never lost, just discovering …

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