Travel tips: (Re)Discovering Bucharest

  Submitted by: Ana Grozea   From: Jaunting Trips   Read more: Click here for full post  Overview: Discover the capital of Romania through the eyes of a local who has been rediscovering the city herself. I have been living in Bucharest all my life, and yet I knew very little about it. What to expect from this …

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Discovering the Fortified churches of Transylvania

Visiting Transylvanias fortified churches

 Overview: Transylvania is a large region in Romania with quite a history and this is heavily represented in the churches of the area. Back in the medieval times when the region was under constant threat from the Ottoman Empire, many of the villages fortified their church to act as a stronghold against advancing armies and …

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Visit Sighisoara: A Real Life Fairytale in Romania

Transylvania in Romania

Imagine walking past colourful buildings on streets that feel like they haven’t changed since medieval times, with big open plazas and the sun shining down*. Welcome to Sighisoara in Transylvania, Romania. What to do in Sighisoara The globetrottingteacher is a blog run by travel enthusiast, and teacher, Jackie. In this blog, she is recounting the time …

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