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Welcome to the home of The Travel Vlogs, as and when a new vlog is created it will be placed here, but don’t forget to also check out our YouTube page where we also share other travel vlogs. The Travel Blogs on You Tube

Welcome to Retiro Park, Madrid

Snowboarding in Madrid

A weekend in Cuenca

A weekend in Cuenca Outtakes

Be sure to check out the full Cuenca blog for more information and photos of the wonderful region that is Castilla-La Mancha here: A weekend in Cuenca

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The Travel Blogs
Hi, I’m Matt and I started The Travel Blogs with inadequate technical know-how but a love of writing stories and taking pictures. This site is a place that I share blogs I like mixed in with my own travels.

If you want to know more this site (and a little about me) then feel free to click here, if you don’t then keep browsing, commenting, smiling and remember to check back frequently, as my technical knowledge progresses the site will evolve. Happy travels!