10 Amazing National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Mizoram

The Treasure of Nature

Mizoram is vastly known for its natural beauty and wide diversity of wildlife and vegetation. Nature has bestowed its bounty to make this place a wild lover’s paradise. About 91% of Mizoram is under forest cover.

This region also happens to be the abode of rare and valuable orchids that bloom mostly in the wild. The forests and forest produce serve as the primary source of livelihood of the natives of this north-eastern state. Mizoram has 27 types of bamboo and contributes greatly to the country’s export of bamboo and bamboo-based products.

It is only but natural that a place like Mizoram blessed with nature’s abundance is the host to innumerable national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and is a region in North East India that has to be visited.

Let me introduce you to ten of the top wildlife sanctuaries in Mizoram so they can make it to your travel guide.

1. Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary

Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary covers a whopping 110 sq. Km. and serves as the natural habitat to a myriad-range of wildlife starting from tigers, elephants, cloud leopards, guars, sambars, barking deer, common langurs, leaf monkeys, wild boars to the Hoolock Gibbon and Rhesus Macaque.

This sanctuary notified in 1991serves as one of the larger sanctuaries in Mizoram. It is positioned in the south-western area of Mizoram and is at a close proximity to the Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Bangladesh borders. Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary is located at an elevation of 340 meters and has abundant rainfall owing to its closure to Cherrapunji. Also known as Nohkalikai Falls, this sanctuary makes it to the top ten of the most visited places in Mizoram.

2. Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

The Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Lunglei district and boasts of a dynamic range of flora. This is distinctively categorised as Sub-Tropical and Semi-evergreen forests. The sanctuary covers a total of 35 sq. Km of area and is the home to several types of species the likes of Serow, Sambars, leopards, Barking Deer, Hoolock Gibbon and Wild Boar. It is located at a height of 1300 meters making it one of the “highest-grossing” sanctuaries in the entire region, literally!

3. Phawngpui National Park

Photo by Garima Singh, CC BY-SA 4.0

Phawngpui National Park covers a total of 50 sq. Km and houses diversified animals and birds starting from the well-known leopards, Sambars, barking deer, Common langurs to the lesser known Ghoral, Serrow, Stump tail macaque to name a few. It also happens to be the incepting ground of several wild orchids famous for their unparalleled beauty and unique quotient. The Phawngpui which is the highest peak in Mizoram and measures 2360 meters, is situated within the National Park which spells double bonanza for the visitors.

4. Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary is adjoining Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary and serves the purpose of being a passageway for elephants crossing over from Bangladesh. The Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary protects the numerous tigers, leopards, barking deer, sambars, leaf monkeys, Hoolock Gibbons and a profound assortment of birds. Revellers praise the unequalled beauty of the area at dawn.

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5. Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary

Photo by Dr. Raju Kasambe, CC BY-SA 4.0

One of the newer sanctuaries, recognised as late as in 2001, it is the stamping ground of atypical birds, animals, plants, ferns and lichens alike. The Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary protects the endangered primate species and northern pig-tailed macaque.

The calculated area that the sanctuary encompasses is estimated to about 60 sq. Km. It is in the East – Mizoram just next to Murlen National Park. The Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary has an elevation of about 400 meters to 2300 meters. The Park, a buzzing hub of wildlife attraction among the tourists also has the second highest peak in Mizoram. Lengteng is revered for its apparent healing abilities among the locals.

6. Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary

Dampa is the must-see wildlife sanctuary that attracts tourists even from the remotest corners. It known extensively for its flora and fauna alike and is especially famed for being the home to monitor lizards, giant squirrels, the Himalayan Black bear, tigers, leaf monkey and the travelling avifaunas.

It is located in the Kolasib district and the Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is well-known for its beautiful traveller’s inns and Government tourist lodges. The perfect honeymoon spot for making the auspicious beginning, this sanctuary is the largest sanctuary in Mizoram covering a total of 500 sq. Km of area.

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7. Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary

Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary proves to be the perfect tourist destination with several guest houses and lodges within the perimeters of the sanctuary and near it. This gives the visitors a chance to be one with nature and indulge in the tranquillity and magnificence that the place has to offer.

The sanctuary is enriched by the Kaladan and Chhimtuipui rivers and is surrounded by tropical evergreen trees encompassing the entire expanse. This place serves as the habitat of rare animals like sambars, barking deer, leopard, the Rhesus macaque and several other species of birds and animals. It is located in the Chhimtuipui district and is worshipped by the natives as a sacred spot.

8. Saza Wildlife Sanctuary

Saza is the best place to be at for any nature and animal lover who finds it enthralling to gaze at animals in their native environment. Saza Wildlife Sanctuary is located to the west of Mizoram and has an extensive coverage of 15 sq. Km.

Also, known as the ‘bird-watcher’s paradise’, this sanctuary is the dwelling ground of Leopards, deer, the Rhesus monkey and several exotic birds and endangered animals. Known to be a favourite hub of wildlife photographers, the monsoons in this part are phenomenal to encounter.


9. Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary

Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a broad category of flora and fauna and commands an expansive area under it. Ranging from tigers, elephant, sambars, barking deer, wild boar to tropical birds, this wildlife sanctuary has it all. Located in the Lawngtlai district, south of Mizoram, this sanctuary is a treat to the wildlife lovers and photographers alike across all nooks and corners of the world.

10. Thenzawl Deer Park

True to its name, this park extends its safety parameters especially dedicated to the deer. The grandeur of the deer roaming about freely in their protected space is an ultimate crowd-puller, with thousands of visitors coming in every year from all corners of the country and even abroad. Quite literally, this Deer Park is situated in the outskirts of Thenzawl village in Mizoram and was transformed gradually to its present glory.

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