8 Best Beach Accessories for Summer (What to Bring to the Beach)

On your next trip to visit the ‘sun’ at the beach, nothing should hold you back from having fun to the fullest and there are beach accessories that will ensure you enjoy the beach trip. After all, the sun does not shine all through the entire year. There are those times you would yearn for …

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Things to do in Kagoshima – Japan’s Friendliest City

In this article, we will look at some of the best things to do in Kagoshima. Japan is a destination unlike any other. With its amazing good, captivating culture and beautiful nature, it is any traveller’s dream. Most first-timers decide to explore Tokyo or Kyoto, but if you are looking for a more peaceful and …

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Can You Use AirPods On a Plane?

Can You Use AirPods On Planes Header Image

In this post I’ll answer can you use AirPods on planes along with some other handy tips about traveling with your favorite wireless headphones