Best Camping Cot For Two Persons | 6 Queen Size Camping Cots

Are you just like me, a fan of escaping the city’s hustle to immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, with only the company of a loved one under the starlit sky?

Camping is an amazing way to reconnect with nature and experience pure freedom. However, to really enjoy it, especially with a partner, your gear has to be just right, especially when considering the best camping cots for couples.

That’s where I come in. I’m here to guide you to find the perfect camping cot for two. Stick with me, and I’ll show you how to turn a good camping trip into an unforgettable experience.

I’ve tried my fair share of camping cots in my time and understand what it takes to be a great one. I’ve experienced many uncomfortable nights so you don’t have to!

In this post I’m sharing the top queen-size camping cots, and shortlisted the ones that offer the most comfort and space.

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Top Picks

Did we find anything worthwhile?

While camping cots are one of the best things to sleep on while camping, there is not a huge range of double camping cots that measure at 60” X 80”, there are certainly a few good choices out there – even more so if you’re willing to consider some of the excellent queen-size air mattresses on the market.

Whether you’re interested in an airbed cot or something that offers easy car access on your travels, there are a couple of options for you to consider. After all, cuddles are one of the best ways to keep warm.

That being said, all hope is not lost, we were able to identify a few quality camping cots that measure almost the queen size.

Best Queen Size Camping Cots – Details

  1. Coleman Queen Size Airbed Folding Cot
  2. Kamp-Rite 2 Person Folding Double Tent Cot
  3. KingCamp Double Folding Camping Cot
  4. Double Kwik Tent Cot
  5. Ivation EZ-Bed
  6. Outsunny Widen Folding Double Camping Cot

1. Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot 

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, & Pump Combo, Folding Camp Cot & Air Bed with Side Table &...

Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot is an all-in-one camping cot measuring 78 X 59 x22, which is not far from the queen size. It comes with an air mattress, side tables, and a battery-operated pump.

Coleman is a name to reckon with when it comes to making quality and reliable camping gear. In fact, Coleman products are the definition of durability and comfort. So, this Coleman airbed cot is one of the best double camping cots in the market.

It is designed to adequately contain two to three adults on any outdoor activities.

There is no restriction to the surface on which you can place the cot on. No matter how rough a surface is this cot remains stable and firm. The legs and steel frame offer high durability and strength, and that is why it can support a total weight of 600lb.

The design of the Coleman airbed cot

The design of the airbed makes it retain air even after a very long time. This particular airbed cot is built using a vertical coil system, which is contrary to the traditional air mattress that has a horizontal air channel.

The vertical coil channel push and retain air upwards thereby creating the support your body needs for maximum relaxation

The safety measure taken against reptiles biting you is exceptional. When fully set, this cot stands 22 inches above the ground. The assembling and unfolding of this camping bed are so simple that you don’t need any special skill to get it done.

The pump is easy to use too, making it even easier for you to set up the mattress.

Is this Coleman camping cot worth buying?

If all this isn’t enough for you, then you should know that this particular airbed is a favorite among Amazon buyers.

Coleman’s queen-size cot is Amazon’s best choice. This means that a lot of customers are happy with the performance of this queen camping cot.

Also, it is highly rated, well priced, and readily available for shipment. Undoubtedly, Coleman makes some of the best camping cots.

So, if you’re looking for the best double camping cot, Coleman Queen Airbed Cot got your back. It offers great value for your money.


Obviously, this Coleman camping cot for two or more has so many praises, yet there are some design flaws that we will not fail to mention here.

It is a very heavy camping cot and the air mattress deflates easily if not pump to the desired level. Also, the airbed cot does not have a built-in air pad or pad cover, in case one wants to use it without a mattress.


  • High score of ease of use
  • Has a very high weight carrying capacity of up to 600 Pounds
  • Come with side table, cup holders and other accessories
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable sleeping surface


  • Weighty
  • Pad cover unremovable
Coleman Camping Cot - Air Mattress and Pump Combo
Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo, Folding Camp Cot and Air Bed with Side Tables and Battery Operated Pump, Portable Twin Air Mattress and Cot Ideal for Camping and Guests, Mattress Features Comfortstrong Coil System for Support and Comfort, Sturdy Steel Cot Supports Up to 300 Pounds, and Accommodate Most People Up to 6 Feet Tall.

2. Kamp-Rite 2 Person Folding Double Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite Double Quick Setup 2 Person Camping Cot Convert as Lounge Chair, and Tent with Fitted...

Kamp-Rite is a camping gear innovator, and this particular cot upholds the Kamp-Rite standard. It features both a double cot and a tent, so you don’t need to bring a separate tent.

The Kamp-Rite 2 Person Folding Double Tent Cot is a queen size cot for camping measuring 84″L x 53″W x 51″H when up, meaning you can share it with some one very close to you.

So, if you’re looking for the best double camping cot for you and your spouse, you can give it a shot.

Design And Comfort

This camping cot has a convenient design that makes setup and take-down very fast and easy. It is elevated 11” above the ground, so you can be sure to keep away from snakes, insects, bugs, and dampness. You’ll enjoy a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

Also, this Kamp-rite double cot is made with a sturdy aluminum frame and 190T nylon fabric. And with a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, it supports more than what two sleepers can put on it.

Coupled with its large sleeping area, it is an ideal double cot for you to have moments of fun and intimacy with your special someone in the outdoors.

Besides being a comfortable camping cot, the cot’s unique design adds versatility and functionality as well. You can convert it into a lounging chair, so you can watch the sunset without having to move.

On the downside, this double cot has a bar that runs through the middle, and it could reduce comfort. However, you can add an air mattress or sleeping bag to enjoy better sleep.

Also, it could be a bit heavy to carry around in your camping adventure. Though you might consider it for our car camping

Nevertheless, this cot by Kamp-rite is one of the best double camping cots worth buying for your camping trip.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Queen size sleeping area
  • No additional tent needed
  • Can be used as a lounging chair
  • Strong and durable aluminum frame
  • Built-in tent


  • Has a middle bar that is a bit uncomfortable
  • It’s weighty
Kamp-Rite 2 Person Folding Off the Ground Camping Sleeping Bed
Kamp-Rite 2 Person Folding Off the Ground Camping Sleeping Bed Double Tent Cot, Raised Double Tent Cot Is Built to Keep You and A Camping Buddy Safe from The Elements and Weighs 51 Pounds, Feature - Portable, Waterproof, Rainfly, Material - Nylon, Aluminum, Fabric, Use - Camping & Hiking.

3. KingCamp Double Folding Camping Cot

KingCamp KC4005_BLACKSTRIPS-VC Camping cot, One Size

The KingCamp Double Folding Camping Cot is simply an amazing choice for those in need of a double camping cot for their camping trip. It is more than a queen camping cot and it is ideal for two people, thanks to its strong steel frame and the fact that it’s a double-size cot.

Indeed, this double camping cot takes the comfort of your home bed to the outdoors so you can have the best camping experience.

Plus, you won’t waste time assembling this camping cot for two. It is collapsible, you set it up by simply spreading it out just like an umbrella. After your sleep, you fold it and the cot packs to carry bag, and voila!

Other than being oversize, this double cot has a weight capacity of 550lbs, and it was strategically built to support two people. This huge weight capacity is complemented by1200D oxford material that is both strong and waterproof

The large side pocket allows you to store a variety of items, ranging from cell phones to toys.

When it comes to sturdiness and stability, this cot isn’t lacking at all – thanks to the sturdy frame and anti-slip leg caps. This cot is worth trying on your next camping adventure!


  • Strong and durable
  • Wheeled Carry bag included
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Can accomodate a queen size air mattress
  • Built-in extras to store your camping gear


  • Relatively hefty
  • Ha a middle bar
KingCamp KC4005_BLACKSTRIPS-VC Camping cot
KingCamp KC4005_BLACKSTRIPS-VC Camping cot, One Size, Weight Supported - 250kg / 550lbs, Very Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Heavy Duty Flat Circle Steel Tubes Promises a Safe Sturdiness, And Anti-Slip Leg Caps Prevent the Folding Bed from Sliding, Which Makes You Feel Very Comfortable and Safe, Perfect for Camping, Backpacking, Beach, Backyard, Etc.

4. Double Kwik Tent Cot

Double Kwik Tent Cot 550 lbs Sleeping Surface Camping 2 People nickel Black

Another great choice for those in need of a larger bed is the Double Kwik Tent Cot. It can comfortably accommodate for 2 people, and the patented folding system makes it easy to put away. It comes with a zippered carry bag that makes it easy to move the cot from one point to another.

Also, the Double Kwik cot has a weight capacity of 550 lbs and a large sleeping space (85×55 inches) to accommodate you and your camping partner. And just like most double cots, it’s elevated (19 inches) off the ground to keep you away from creeping creatures and increase your comfort.

Moreover, this height provides extra storage space, so you can store your gear underneath the cot. What’s more, the storage pockets underneath for plenty of storage space for yur camping accessories.

The Double Kwik Tent Cot weighs 56lbs, and it might be weighty to carry around. But, the carry bag makes it more portable. You might also want to use this particular cot for car camping.

This cot is perfect for those who want to save time on their camping trip. Not only can it be folded for easier transport, but it also comes with a zippered carry bag to make your life even simple during your outdoor trips

The 550lbs weight capacity makes it an ideal 2-person camping bed, and the quality polyester fabric makes it one of the best cots on the market.


  • Easy to set up
  • Carry bag included
  • Relatively affordable
  • Ideal for couples
  • Mesh storage pockets


  • Has a central bar
  • No mattress
Double Kwik Tent Cot 550 lbs Sleeping Surface Camping 2 People
Double Kwik Tent Cot 550 lbs Sleeping Surface Camping 2 People nickel Black, Weight Capacity of 550 Lbs, The Folding Cot Comfortably Accommodates One or Two People. Featuring A Patented Folding System, This Compact Is Made from Polyester, Aluminum, Mesh, and Nickel. The Double Kwik-Cot Comes Standard with A Zippered Carry Bag for Easy Transport.

5. Ivation EZ-Bed

Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case, Self Inflatable, Blow Up Bed Auto...

If you’re looking for an air mattress instead, it might be worth looking into buying the Ivation EZ-Bed. There’s a lot to love about this air mattress, especially if you’re looking for easy set-up and comfort.

Ivation EZ-Bed has 22 legs to hold it in place, making it more stable than most camping cots for two.

Furthermore, it has a built-in air pump that makes inflating the air mattress a breeze. The pump has 3 different auto shut-off settings means that you can get optimum comfort from your airbed.

This airbed cot comes in standard, queen, and king size, so you can get the ideal airbed cot size for your needs. Whether you’re camping with your significant other or plan to sleep alone, it’s great to have size options

The sewn-in cover mattress, coil construction, and comfy sleeping pad cover all help to provide you with a good night’s sleep


  • Has 22 legs for stability
  • Inflatable mattress
  • Comfortable
  • Large size for two
  • Self-deploying
  • Comes with a storage case


  • Quite weighty
  • Relatively pricy
Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case
Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case, Self-Inflatable, Blow Up Bed Auto Shut-Off, Comfortable Surface AirBed, Best for Guest, Travel, Vacation, Camping, Durable Flocked Mattress Top with 48 Circular Coils Provides a Soft and Comfortable Sleep Surface That Also Keeps Your Sheets in Place, Self-Deploying Design Allows Users to Simply Plug into The Wall, Turn It On, And Walk Away for Easy Setup.

6. Outsunny Widen Folding Double Camping Cot

Outsunny 2 Person Folding Camping Cot for Adults, 50' Extra Wide Outdoor Portable Sleeping Cot with...

As you go for your camping adventure with your partner, you want to sleep comfortably and have a luxurious camping experience. Well, Outsunny Widen Folding Double Camping Cot could be your best choice for a two-person camping cot.

This is a double-wide camping cot that measures 76″L x 49.2″W x 15.7″H. It has a sleeping space large enough to accommodate you and your spouse or friend.

Outsunny Widen Folding Double Camping Cot features a powder-coated steel frame and 600D PVC Oxford fabric. These high quality materials ensure the cot’s durability and reliability so you can be sure it will not break easily as you sleep with your loved one.

In fact, it can hold up to 300 pounds, a capacity that is enough for two adults.

Also, it is elevated 15″ off the ground to provide an excellent flow of air on all sides, thus giving you extra comfort. This elevation also safeguards you from insects that might crawl into your cot as you cuddle with your partner, lol!

Of course, you want the best double camping cot so that you can enjoy your camping experience.

What’s more with this camping cot for two, it’s lightweight (24.2lbs) and portable. It is a lighter a lighter cot than most alternatives in the market. It is easily fordable and it comes with a carrying bag so that moving it around doesn’t have to be a hassle for you.

If looking for the most comfortable camping cot, then you might want to consider Outsunny Widen Folding Double Camping Cot.


  • Lightweight cot
  • Carrying bag included for easy transport
  • Highly durable
  • Relatively affordable
  • Elevated sleeping support


  • Capacity isn’t so great
  • sleeping space is not so large
Outsunny Double Camping Cot for Adults with Portable Carrying Bag
Outsunny Double Camping Cot for Adults with Portable Carrying Bag Hiking and Backpacking, Outdoor Folding Lightweight Sleeping Bed, Blue, Features A Sturdy, Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Making It Highly Durable, 600D PVC Oxford Fabric Is Designed to Be Water and Tear-Proof, And Keep Heat Away, Weight Capacity of 300 Lbs. Makes It Possible for Two People to Sleep Comfortably, Includes A Travel Bag for Easy Storage and Transport.

Buying Guide

Things to Keep In Mind While Looking for Queen Size Cots

For a great night’s sleep, you’re likely to want to make sure that you pick the best camping cot for couples out there. Here are just a few of the things that you should remember when searching for your ideal bed:


There are a variety of things that can make your rest better, with one of the main things being how comfortable you are while you sleep. When buying an air mattress, for example, make sure to consider things like a spring coil mattress.

A memory foam sleeping surface or an airtight system in-tent cots are also well worth considering too, simply because of how much they can improve your nights while camping outdoors.


Of course, there are certain things that you essentially can’t go without. For example, when purchasing an air mattress, you need to ensure that you find one that comes with a built-in pump (or at least see if there are any affordable pumps that won’t take too much out of your pocket).

On cots, having an aluminum or steel frame can be important, since plastic isn’t always quite as strong or durable.

Don’t want to buy a cot and an air mattress?

Having a comfortable cot and an air mattress can be an excellent duo – but if you’re not willing to spend money on both products, you’ll still find ways to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. For example, if you purchase a camp cot without a sleeping pad, you could use one of your sleeping bags.

It may be worth considering your usual sleeping positions too. Most side sleepers will find an air mattress to be a better choice, although any good quality sleeping surface should be fine!

Strength and durability

Things like support bars are crucial in larger camping cots, particularly those built to support two people. Finding a cot with a strong bed frame is vital, and a variety of other features (like a valve system, pivot arm, double lock valve, etc.) can only help to make the bed better for your needs.

In many instances, you don’t need to sacrifice this for something more lightweight (and vice versa – something strong and durable can still be lightweight). Don’t forget to think about weight capacity to ensure that the bed will be able to support you as you sleep through the night.

It’s also worth noting that investing in a durable mattress can be important too (particularly to avoid any punctures or other issues during your trip).

Additional features

Finally, it’s always worth considering any extra things that a cot has to offer. Whether it’s something simple like cup holders, a carrying case a comfortable mattress cover, or a self-inflating pump in an air mattress, there are quite a few different things that can improve your camping experience.

Other things, like a carry case, can be perfect for making camping trips simpler, so be sure to keep this in mind too.

FAQ About the Best Camping Cot for Two Persons

What is the folded size of Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot?

When folded, Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot measures Approx 1Mx200x200mm.

Do two cots make a queen?

When going on a camping trip as a couple, you might consider buying the best camping cots for two couples rather than single camping cots. Of course, you don’t want to sleep on two separate cots with your darling.
And trying to push two single cots together is likely to compromise the quality of your sleep.

Does Kamp-Rite 2 Person Folding Double Tent Cot include the rain fly/cover?

Yes, this double cot comes with a rain cover that is zippered on both sides for ease of access. It also has vents for airflow.

Do you need a mattress on a camping cot?

Camping cots are suitable for use on your camping adventure in a short period. They are made with a strong and comfortable fabric so that you can have great sleep.
But if you intend to use them for a prolonged period, you may want to include a mattress to enjoy more comfort as you explore the great outdoors.

Does Double Kwik Tent Cot have a bar running through the middle?

Yes, there is a central bar to enhance support and stability. Though this central longitudinal bar might be a bit uncomfortable, you can use this cot with an air mattress to make it comfier.

Best Queen Size Camping Cots – Conclusion

Hopefully, this brief look into the best queen size camping cot (and air mattresses) will give you a better idea of which sleeping system will be best for your needs.

Remember that there are so many different things that you can consider when buying the best camping cot for two persons to help you make the decision. Whether it’s things like coil construction in an air mattress or a steel frame and high weight capacity (which is something crucial to think about when buying two-person size cots).

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