10 of the Best Backpacks for Laptops and Travel

Check out our top picks if you are looking for the best backpacks for laptops and travel, we have you covered whatever your budget.

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7 Top Tips For Using a Laptop in the Sun

Using a laptop in the sun can pose a few challenges. Ease the pressure with out 7 tips to help you work smarter outdoors.

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How To Use A Laptop In A Bed: 7 Helpful Tips

Knowing how to use a laptop in a bed can go a long way to preventing aches and pains while working in confined spaces. Here are 7 tips to help you work smarter.

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Tips for Affordable Luxury Travel to Sydney and Melbourne

The “land down under” famous as the home to the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, is a destination holding extravagant and luxurious experiences. Australia is the country everyone should visit in…

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What you need to know about travel credit cards

Peaks and Pitfalls: Travel Credit Cards

There are many choices of travel credit cards. We share some helpful information to ensure you know what to look out for before applying.

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Earning As a Digital Nomad: The Truth Behind the Lifestyle Misconceptions

The digital nomad lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing ways to earn income with no signs of slowing down. As more people get tech-savvy, they’re finding the lifestyle more and…

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Pepper: One of many robots in the hospitality industry that are popping up in many places

Robots in the Hospitality Industry: How Robots are Impacting Travel

As technology evolves, it’s only natural to see robots in the hospitality industry, but how are they being used and are they having a positive impact?

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DJI Mavic pro is one of the best for traveling with a drone

19 Tips for Traveling with a Drone: Don’t Unknowingly Break the Law

If you are traveling with a drone, be sure to read our 19 tips and FAQs first. Traveling with your drone is possible, but there things you need to be aware of.

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Packing list for Asia - What to take on an backpacking trip to Asia

? The foolproof packing list for Asia: 16 must-have travel essentials

Our foolproof packing list for Asia covers fundamental kit you will need for traveling in Asia, as well as helpful travel tech and well as health essentials.

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Ryanair passenger leaves by the closest exit

Bored of waiting to disembark? Don’t be this guy

Sometimes you just have to get off Let’s be honest, we all hate it. when you finally arrive in your destination, that awful, long wait for the doors to open…

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