Day 19: Shanghai Disneyland and The World’s Longest Glass Bridge

 Overview: Two Finns, the nurse and the engineer, are travelling through Asia for 3 months. Read here about their visit to Shanghai Disneyland, as well as how to get to…

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What to do in Xi'an

Discover Xi’an – Top 10 things to do

I was having one of those days that lack motivation when suddenly I came across this beautiful post about what to do in Xi’an, China, and it perked me right…

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What you need to know before visiting Beijing

15 things to know before traveling to Beijing

 Overview: This post would be helpful to anyone traveling to Beijing. All of the information is based on first-hand knowledge and is clear, concise, and to the point. Submitted by:…

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What you need to know before you visit China

151 China Travel Tips to Have the Best Trip of Your Life

 Overview: China is getting more visitors every year. They flock to the Middle Kingdom to experience firsthand one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Planning a trip to…

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The Great Wall of China with no people

Hiking the Great Wall Away From the Crowds

 Overview: 13,000 Kilometers of Great Wall once meandered through the landscape. Some stretches have disappeared, others have been fully restored, some are left to ruins. Where do you decide to…

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