A City Guide To Las Palmas Spain

Enjoy Las Palmas Spain with our unique guide: uncover hidden gems, vibrant culture, and seaside bliss in this sun-kissed Canarian capital!

A City Guide To Marbella Spain

Situated in Andalusia within the Costa del Sol region with Sierra Blanca Mountains as its backdrop is the city of Marbella Spain. It is the go-to destination for the famous and affluent. But of course, everyone is welcome to explore Marbella in Spain! This southern Spain town is known for its charming beaches, great nightclubs, …

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A City Guide To Salamanca Spain

Explore Salamanca Spain enchanting blend of golden architecture, vibrant culture, and rich history. Uncover hidden gems in Spain’s soulful city.

A City Guide To Zaragoza Spain

Dive into Zaragoza Spain unique charm: where ancient history meets modern vibrancy, and culinary adventures await around every corner.

The Balearic Islands, Spain

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the western Mediterranean is the Balearic Islands. Where are the Balearic Islands located? This archipelago of islands in Spain can be seen in the Western Mediterranean Sea, close to the Iberian Peninsula’s eastern coast. The Balearic Island map consists of four main islands named Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca, …

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Best Hotels In Bilbao, Spain

If you’re planning to travel to Basque Country, a city you shouldn’t miss is Bilbao. This industrial port city is beautifully surrounded by the mountain ranges of Cantabria and the Pyrenées. Aside from natural beauty, you’ll be amazed at the various architectural works this city offers. Guggenheim Museum, an art museum in Bilbao, is one …

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Best Guided Day Trips From Granada

Granada, Spain, is a beautiful, ancient city filled with Islamic architecture. There’s more to Alhambra, a palace in Granada, Spain, that this place can offer. It has a rich multicultural history with influences such as Roman, Greek, Phoenician, and Visigothic. But it is the Moorish groups who made the most significant influence with the Islamic …

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A City Guide To Cordoba Spain

Córdoba city (also known as Cordova City or Ciudad de Cordoba) is the provincial capital of Cordoba in Spain. It is nestled in a valley in Andalusia with the Guadalquivir River coursing through it. The Sierra Morena to the north and the hilly terrain of Miocene Campiña to the south provide excellent overlooking views of …

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A Guide To The Canary Islands Spain

When people talk about islands, they go on and on about the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and fun water activities they could do on it. However, those are not the only things the Canary Islands can offer. Located in the Atlantic Ocean in the southwestern most region of Spain, some people think the …

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Is The Holy Grail In Valencia Cathedral?

Is the Holy Chalice a genuine relic used by Jesus, or a big fat story for tourists? Let’s see if the Holy Grail really resides in Valencia Cathedral.