Visiting Rottnest Island, the complete lowdown

Visiting quokkas on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, or Rotto to the locals, is a small island off the coast of Western Australia. With a permanent population of around 100 people, the island is only a little over 7 square miles in size but attracts around 500,000 visitors each year. If you are visiting Perth then taking a day to explore …

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5 things you shouldn’t miss in Melbourne

I didn’t get as long in Melbourne as I’d have liked. I landed and went to the hostel. It may seem a bit strange but one of the first things I like to do when I get to a new place is to figure out how I’m leaving. I knew my next stop was Adelaide but …

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Nelson Lakes and Blue Lake Hiking Guide

Nelson Lakes National Park is fast becoming one of the most renowned hiking destinations in New Zealand. It is home to the Blue Lake – reportedly containing the clearest freshwater lake in the entire world! It is also home to one of the most impressive sections of New Zealand’s long distance Te Araroa Trail. Nelson …

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25 Things To Know Before Visiting New Zealand

25 bits of great advice before visiting New Zealand

Visiting New Zealand is high on almost every bucket list, and even if you have been, I’m sure you’ll want to go back! Great advice before you travel to New Zealand This post is from Gino on his travel blog that he runs with his wife, Kristine, My Next Flight Home. It’s not your usual ‘What …

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Hiking the Rob Roy Glacier Track

Hiking a glacier in New Zealand

New Zealand is all about the great outdoors! It’s a hiker’s paradise that includes turquoise rivers, swinging suspension bridges, and majestic mountain views. And just north of Wanaka, on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island, I enjoyed the most scenic hike of my life…all the way up, up, up to the stunning Rob …

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Stewart Island Hiking Guide

Stewart Island (also known by its Māori name Rakiura) is located at the southernmost point of New Zealand. This is one bushy island. Like, seriously COVERED in bush. It is a bushwalkers paradise. It is home to several hiking trails: the Rakiura Track (3 days), North West Circuit (9-11 days), and Southern Circuit (6 days). …

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What to see in Western Australia: Top tips

What to do and where to go when visiting Western Australia

Visiting Western Australia can be rather daunting. Most people begin their visit in Perth but after that where is there to go? Well, luckily I came across this perfect blog from top blogger Becki on her site Borders of Adventure. This blog lists the top places to see and what to do when you’re there, …

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25 INCREDIBLE Things to do in Samoa

Amazing things to do in Samoa

Samoa is much more than an idyllic island paradise and there is plenty to keep you occupied during your visit. From beach hopping to waterfall chasing; jungle hikes to history lessons. Read our guide to the BEST things to do in Samoa and start getting excited! Are you a Travel Blogger? If you want your …

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Tips for Affordable Luxury Travel to Sydney and Melbourne

The “land down under” famous as the home to the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, is a destination holding extravagant and luxurious experiences. Australia is the country everyone should visit in their lifetime. Oozing friendly atmosphere, offering tasty food and world-class wine, magnificent beaches and famous landmarks, it never fails to accommodate those seeking to feel …

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Hiking the Hooker Valley Track and Meeting the Cloud-Piercer

I felt that finally, the time was just right. The thick veil of mystery surrounding the great chief was gradually fading away. It’s not often that Aoraki is granting you an audience. Most times the cloud-piercer remains hidden, monitoring all activity from his throne, up in heavens. I stopped the car, pointed the camera directly …

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