Tips for Affordable Luxury Travel to Sydney and Melbourne

The “land down under” famous as the home to the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, is a destination holding extravagant and luxurious experiences. Australia is the country everyone should visit in their lifetime. Oozing friendly atmosphere, offering tasty food and world-class wine, magnificent beaches and famous landmarks, it never fails to accommodate those seeking to feel the Australian luxury and immense comfort.

Australia’s biggest and most famous cities of Sydney and Melbourne are the cradle of Australian luxury and comfort. If you’ve finally decided to go and see first hand what it is about these vibrant cities that makes them so special, you should do it with style, not missing the chance to indulge in their unique luxury. 

Australia is “famous” as one of the most expensive destinations, overall. However, there are several prudent hacks that can help you enjoy the Australian luxury in the biggest and most famous cities of Sydney and Melbourne without spending a fortune. From accommodation and interesting events to luxurious bars and extravagant parties, you can experience it all while staying on a budget. 

Affordable Luxury in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most popular cities for travellers in Australia. This vibrant and buzzing city oozes a European feel and offers many interesting activities for a fulfilled and enjoyable stay. Those that enjoy luxury while travelling will certainly find satisfaction during their stay in Melbourne, even on a budget.

Starting with accommodation, the most luxurious and enjoyable stays are offered by the 5-star hotels in Melbourne CBD area. Their elegance and sophistication are mostly tailored for business travellers and are busy year-round. To find a good deal and stay in such a hotel in the heart of the city without breaking the bank certainly is possible. While tourists’ accommodation is way more expensive during weekends and holidays, hotels in the CBD area are mostly empty as tourists rarely stay there. Because of that, they offer excellent deals for weekend stay or holidays but still many people overlook them thinking they are the most expensive to stay in. In most cases, it might cost you the same to stay at an apartment during a weekend or holiday as it will cost you to stay in a luxurious 5-star hotel in the heritage part of the city, not to mention the complimentary amenities and service you’ll enjoy.

If you are a corporate exec and you have travelled a lot for business, you can use the advantage of points in most luxurious hotels that are part of MG Gallery or similar collections. If you have a special card from any previous stay, cheque if some of the luxurious CBD hotels can accommodate you for a decent discount.

If you want to dress up and enjoy a sophisticated opera or theatre night it doesn’t have to cost the earth. In Melbourne, you can find ticket discount stores such as Halftix on Swanston Street and see what is available during your stay. You can get to see several shows at a very affordable rate.

To complete a noble experience head to some of Melbourne’s sophisticated rooftops or back-alley bars. Although many would compete such nights with the finest restaurant, those are crowded with tourists wanting to feel some of the Australian luxury at the CBD, but instead, you’ll get bad service and a huge bill even though the food will be good. To keep your luxurious manner on a budget don’t be shy and take something off a vendor before heading for a cocktail on the rooftop or luxury bar of your choice. This way you can relax and luxuriate in a sophisticated interior and attend a lavish party while spending reasonably.

Affordable Luxury in Sydney

When it comes to finding luxury accommodation in Sydney on a budget, you may want to try the same hacks mentioned for Melbourne. The hotels in the CBD and around Circular Queue will be similar, although Sydney accommodation and everything in general, will be slightly more expensive.

Sydney is perceived as some of the most luxurious destinations to travel overall and favourite among romantic travels. Men take their girls there to “pop the question” and couples dream to have their wedding or anniversary in Sydney. And Sydney does offer beautiful and intimate wedding venues for a luxurious wedding experience that won’t make you spend all fortune for it. You can have a truly memorable experience followed by a private boat tour in Sydney’s Harbour. Small boats for a private cruise are always a good choice and you will pay for the ride and desired duration only. You can find cheap deals with a small boat that will take you sightseeing and make for a very romantic atmosphere for couples.

Between the numerous fine dining restaurants that dot the cityscape, the parties and the thousands of cultural events taking place year-round throughout the city, there is no room for disappointment in Sydney. Therefore, wherever you choose to spend your time in Sydney chances are you will enjoy a rather luxurious stay, but in order to avoid breaking the bank, you need to budget properly. What will cost you most is the dining part, but, if you manage to have cheaper meals at vendors or small bistros you can afford to visit the opera bistro at the famous Opera House and some of the luxurious bars at the Quay to savour cocktails and enjoy the beautiful view.

When in Sydney, you can visit beautiful beaches inside and out of town that will bring that tropical feel closer. No one misses to visit Bondi Beach and for a reason. It’s a beautiful beach to spend the day sunbathing and swimming. Your appetite for luxury will be satisfied if you decide to visit the magnificent Iceberg Club that features a beautiful seawater pool. You can sit back and have a drink soaking up the sun while enjoying the endless blue scenery.

Before leaving Sydney make sure to enjoy one of the wine-focused eateries. If you opt for one that is not close to the city centre you can use public transport and enjoy the same luxurious dining in a sophisticated atmosphere and savour good Australian wine at an affordable price.

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