The Travel Blogs completes the purchase

The Travel Blogs has completed the purchase of two informative travel luggage websites. Both Luggageism and Travel Luggage and Backpacks are sites that pride themself on the quality of information they provide for their readers and suggestions they make. Both sites will now be merged to the existing Travel Blogs website. What is The Travel …

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10 Most Haunted Places in India with Real Stories Behind

Are you someone who is mystified by tales of horror and the supernatural? Well then, get ready for a real treat! India is a land of great beauty and culture. It is also a land teeming with innumerable myths and legends, many of which cross paths with the supernatural. Almost every city, town, and village …

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50 MUST-READ tips for traveling to Israel

Many travelers have NO idea what to expect the first time they visit Israel. We’ve visited Israel many times over the years and have collected out best tips for first (and even second!) timers to get the most from their trip with the least amount of stress.

Visiting Hawaii on a budget: all the tricks and tips you need to know

Is visiting Hawaii at the top of your bucket list? So many people would love to go but can’t figure out how to afford it! This in-depth article gives you the inside scoop on how to visit Hawaii on a budget – everything from flights to accommodations to activities to food.

Travel Guide to The Blend of French Colony

A beautiful town, with a French connection: Pondicherry! Our love for Southern India continues, our new blog gives a detailed description of our travels in the Cape Comorin. First stop in our journey is the picturesque town of Pondicherry. Come join us in our first ever Travel Journey Blog across South India. The more you …

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19 Best Things to Do in Fairbanks, Alaska

As its name implies, Fairbanks is the Golden Heart of Alaska. If you’re planning a trip to the arctic destination and wondering what fun and interesting things to do in Fairbanks, Alaska, you’ll love this post. Written for you by a Fairbanks locale.

The Best and Most Beautiful Beaches in Lagos, Portugal

The Algarve region in the south of Portugal is known the world over as the perfect holiday destination. With its stunning coastlines and beaches, charming villages, world class golf courses and not even to mention fantastic food & hospitality, it should be on any traveller’s bucket list! One town in particular, Lagos, is our favourite …

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