Rockubot Review | The Portable Bed Cleaning Robot

Ever found yourself just wondering, how clean are these hotel bed sheets really? I mean, they look clean (hopefully) but what about the stuff you can’t see.

Well honestly … you probably don’t want to know the answer.

But fear no more, you can now invest in a robot designed specifically for sanitizing your bed! 

In this Rockubot Review explores how this little portable bed cleaning robot works and if it is worth the investment. 

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At a glance

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1-Minute Rockubot Review

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The ROCKUBOT bed cleaner is a neat little piece of tech which helps sterilize your bed and other furniture while you listen to your favorite music as you do the energy-draining chore that is cleaning.

Here are some of the positives of the safety buddy,

  • It disinfects and kills germs, mites, and bed bugs as advertised, which is necessary for healthy living.
  • Smart mapping as well as sturdy tires to help it grip under bed sheets with cliff sensors to stop it from just falling off at the edges.
  • Its handheld mode makes it easier and more efficient to use over smaller or complex surfaces. And you have to admit, it is a cute little robot.
  • Bluetooth speaker equipped with TWS mode makes it all the more fun when cleaning seems to be the last thing on your mind.
  • The music-playing version really packs some bass.
  • The ROCKUBOT also has a Qi wireless charging feature and works like a power bank which are useful when you need to charge other electrical devices.
  • It is portable and can travel anywhere in the world with you.
  • The ROCKUBOT isn’t a complex piece of equipment to use or set up.

However, this cutting-edge robot is not without a few quirks. Some of which may include but are not limited to;

  • Its smart mapping is limited. the ROCKUBOT may have trouble navigating floors due to the share size of the room, obstacles, or furniture in the way.
  • The ROCKUBOT’s sensor struggle on beds with uneven edges, so be careful, guys.
  • The ROCKUBOT is fun and practical for the period it lasts. Unfortunately, more cases/reports of it no longer functioning few weeks after purchase.
  • It works for a maximum of 40mins after which you might need to go put it on again.

Let’s take a closer look

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How the portable bed cleaning robot works

A rockubot bed cleaning robot cleaning a bed

UV-C Light and Ultrasonic Wave Technology

The ROCKUBOT uses UV-C lights and ultrasonic wave technology to take out viruses and bacteria as well as destroy the nervous and auditory systems of mites.

This clever piece of tech has two modes, the handheld (manual) mode and an automated one. When on automatic mode, the ROCKUBOT moves around on three small wheels and uses 24 high-grade sensors that help detect and move around obstacles, overcome terrain, and make sure it does not fall off edges.

The manual mode makes handheld cleaning easier and efficient over specific surfaces which require a closer attention. Thus, it can be used on phone surfaces, under dirty shoes, laptops, and well, anything you can think of.

A Cutting Edge Robot

It also works as a Qi wireless charger and power bank for mobile phones, rechargeable fans, and other fun gadgets that you may own. It equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which also has a TWS mode to make cleaning much more fun for you. It’s called the “ROCKUBOT” for a reason! This is cool if you have two of these bad boys.

Music Playing Version

You can easily link your favorite music through Bluetooth to have your portable stereo leave you feeling groovy. The ROCKUBOT is not just a cleaning robot but a music playing robot as well.


Rockubot deep cleans your bed with an auto sensor system

Fun fact: 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi are eliminated from a distance of 2cm in seconds with the ROCKUBOT, and Ultrasonic waves can penetrate up to 15cm in bed and cushions. However, many customers are dissatisfied by its inability to last beyond a few weeks.


  • Limited mapping makes it challenging when navigating wide areas such as floors that have furniture around them and uneven edges.
  • It needs to be charged after EVERY use.
  • While it does work well with most household pets, it is always best to use it in a room without birds.

Ease of set up and use

A man connecting her smartphone with rockubot bed cleaning robot

The ROCKUBOT is easy to use and set up. Just with the push of a button and it comes on and automatically starts cleaning (thank goodness!!!). When in manual mode, the cover plate is placed over the wheels with the magnetic feature. The cover place also has a handle attached to the ROCKUBOT. This handle makes it a lot easier to use and maneuver over surfaces, and to be honest; it does make the ROCKUBOT look adorable. The ROCKUBOT also comes with a type C USB charger cable to help charge after each use.


While it is a good product, that does most of what the manufacturers claim it does. On more occasions, the ROCKUBOT seems to stop working as intended, a few weeks after purchase for one reason or another. 

That does seem to upset customers, and you can understand why as they spend a good chunk of money on it. It tends to fall off the edge of the bed, or the UV-C lights stop working (Not cool, guys!), The battery life also doesn’t last as long as advertised.

I think this comes down to it still being a new product with kinks to be worked out. 

Ongoing Maintenance

A rockubot robot cleaning your bed any time anywhere

The UV-C lights do not require changing as they have been advertised to last up to 2 years. However, the UV-C lights are the first thing to die out after a couple weeks as has been complained about by multiple customers. There is no need to spend money on the maintenance as the ROCKUBOT costs far less and is much easier to spend your money on getting a new or better sterilizing robot.

Extra Purchases and ongoing costs

Another good thing about this product is that it is a “one-time purchase.” So you get the device, make sure it is fully charged, and clean your worries away.

A couple of alternatives to consider

If you’re worried about spending that much on a robot with known reliability issues for some buyers, there is a cheaper option. There are a number of UV travel wands you can buy, all of which do the same job, just without the robot part. So it’s cool that they are cheaper, however, they will require some additional manual work.


Does the ROCKUBOT truly work as a sterilizing robot?

When it works, this robot can detect, clean, disinfect, and sterilize.

How long does it need to roam around the bed for?

It does happen to depend on the size of the bed. ROCKUBOT does have a maximum run time of 40mins after it’s switched on. The UV-C light and ultrasonic waves of this bed-room cleaning robot device certainly takes its toll.

Can we use this to sterilize the floors?

It can be used on floors and virtually any surface. However, mapping ability of the ROCKUBOT does seem to be limited, and as such, floors with furniture might prove to be a bit too complex for the little guy to detect viruses and the like.

Final thoughts

The concept behind the ROCKUBOT is a good one. However, some bugs need to be worked on and fixed. Ultimately, it seems best to always use in handheld mode as it does have limited navigating capabilities. The Bluetooth speakers and wireless charging features are great inclusions, but most people would rather have it last long and navigate as advertised. Therefore, for best results, use the ROCKUBOT like a handheld device and charge after every use. Safe to say, the ROCKUBOT will not be one of their best sellers.

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