6 Easy-to-go Essentials for A Digital Nomad

Digital nomadism has surpassed the status of a niche. As many as 4.8 million Americans identified themselves in 2018 as digital nomads. Digital nomads pack for their long-term trips differently from people who pack for short-term travel, so we need to explain what items they should consider essentials.

Now that you’ve secured your flight, do you know where to begin with your digital nomad gear? Packing for a digital nomad is not the most pleasant task. However, it needn’t be a draining experience. 

You should not have difficulty figuring out what you need for your trip if you already gather knowledge beforehand. Therefore, that is what you can expect in this article. There’s nothing complicated about this digital nomad packing list, including six easy-to-go essentials for a digital nomad.

1. Technology for Digital Nomads

You’ll carry some tech as a digital nomad, but how important is it to bring the essentials? Let’s look at what digital nomad gadgets and accessories you should take along with you. It’s essential to bring along two devices.


Even though it seems obvious, digital nomads will most likely need a reliable laptop! It must be reasonable in price and available on various online platforms such as Amazon! 

With a laptop, you can work wherever and whenever you want, and you’ll appreciate having one you can rely on, but be careful to keep it safe and ensure your laptop is kept clean to ensure a long life.

Extension Cord

Wherever you might go, you always need to be plugged in! One of the most over-looked, yet useful accessories I travel with is an extension cord. Something like a 20 amp extension cord, means you will be ready to work from anywhere. 

This extension cord accepts plugs from various countries. Plugging in the extension cord will provide power to your several low-wattage devices on the go.

2. Clothes for Digital Nomads

When packing, thinking about what clothes to bring is the most challenging part. Keeping a minimalist mentality is always the best option, so how do you ensure you’re carrying everything you need while still being a digital nomad? 

Keeping things simple is the key to success! You can always layer your clothes. That seems like the best tip if you are packing for different climates and countries. We recommend having a week’s worth of clothes. When you travel, you will probably purchase some new clothes.

What you want is digital nomad fashion. Digital nomads do not have to commute to an office every day, but they decide where their office is for the day. Dress as you like, from a loungewear outfit to your bathing suit, or if you prefer to get dressed up – the choice is yours!

3. Toiletries for digital nomads

Often, it’s the small things that weigh the most on your luggage. Make sure you pack sparingly and keep restocking on these essentials whenever you visit some of the best destinations for digital nomads. 

Digital nomads or anyone who wants to appear civilized must stay hygienic and well-groomed on the road. 

You want to look presentable when you go to a new coworking space, have a videoconference, or go out for dinner. You should make sure all your items are carry-on compatible, so you only need one bag.

The alternative would be to be an absolute loser. In the end, it’s up to you, but this section will provide you with easy-to-go tools for digital nomads to look and feel their best.

  • A microfiber fabric – digital nomads prefer microfiber towels that absorb quickly. You can also choose a thin, lightweight Turkish towel you can use for various purposes. 
  • An all-purpose soap – You will need an all-purpose soap to clean yourself and your gear if necessary.
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste – Keeping your pearly whites clean is very important.
  • Hairbrush for travel – Choose a hairbrush that takes up less space.
  • Deodorant – Travel days can be smelly even for digital nomads.
  • Sharp Razors – Before you leave for your trip, purchase a razor (and some refill blades) if you usually use one.
  • Skincare  – If you follow a healthy skincare regimen, bring it with you. As you travel, you can pick up moisturizers and cleaners.
  • UV-blocking lotion  – It’s best not to overestimate your needs. A small quantity is all you need to get started.
  • Chapstick  – It will keep your lips from chapping on the plane.

4. Packing cubes for digital nomads

Digital nomads who travel frequently will significantly benefit from packing cubes. You’ll be glad you have packed cubes to keep you organized and prevent over-packing when you’re heading out for the weekend or picking up your life and moving somewhere new. 

The good thing about getting a set is that you can have many colors and sizes and you can find a number of backpacks that include them already.

5. First Aid Kit for digital nomads

 While it’s essential to take advantage of your insurance if something serious happens to you, it would help if you pack a small first aid kit on your trip for those less severe injuries.

The simplest way to prepare a first aid kit is to buy a pre-made kit filled with items like band-aids, tweezers, and antiseptic cream, or you can make your own. The same as the traveler’s favorites, include any medications that you use regularly.

We can find most of these items almost anywhere, but you may have difficulty finding them in a hurry, dependent on where you are. That’s why we consider having a first aid kit with you abroad to be a must-have for every digital nomad. 

6. Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

Travel insurance is crucial for digital nomads who are likely to move frequently and work in foreign countries. There are always favorites among travelers throughout the world. You can do online research on one you’ll find preferable, depending on your needs and destination. 

One that offers you peace of mind while traveling the world with their comprehensive and economic plans.


The information we have provided here should give you the confidence, knowledge, and equipment recommendations you need to live the digital nomad lifestyle right now. 

The six easy-to-go essentials for a digital nomad listed above can be stressful, but they don’t have to be – and they shouldn’t be! Travel is all about having fun, so enjoy your experience.

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