Can You Use AirPods On a Plane?

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In this post I’ll answer can you use AirPods on planes along with some other handy tips about traveling with your favorite wireless headphones

10 Tips For Off-Road Camping In The Wild

Off road camping is a unique and adventurous way to experience nature. You will be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life on this adventure, but there are some considerations you need to make before heading out. These 10 tips should help prepare you for your off-road camping trip! 1. …

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6 Easy-to-go Essentials for A Digital Nomad

Digital nomadism has surpassed the status of a niche. As many as 4.8 million Americans identified themselves in 2018 as digital nomads. Digital nomads pack for their long-term trips differently from people who pack for short-term travel, so we need to explain what items they should consider essentials. Now that you’ve secured your flight, do …

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How to find the best VPN for traveling

Use these tips and tricks to help you search, evaluate, and ultimately choose the best VPN. They can also be applied to other platforms besides just virtual private networks.