52 Reasons to Visit France | Why You Should Visit

If you are planning your next trip abroad, France should be one of the top countries on your list. But why visit France? Well, known for its legendary Eiffel Tower, world-famous french cuisine, and the language of love, it is one of the top destinations in the world. There are undoubtedly hundreds of things to do there, so you will never get bored so in this post, I want to share with you 52 Reasons to Visit France.

If you really want to experience the true essence of France, it would be great to know at least some basic French words and phrases. Who knows, you might meet some friendly French people who don’t speak English or fall in love with a French boy or girl?

If you don’t want to visit expensive courses, you can try out Live Lingua French classes. France is worth visiting only to enjoy conversations in the language of love. However, there are many more reasons that France is worth visiting for and here are only 52 to convince you of that.

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General Reasons to Visit France

  1. Incredible cities – France is known for its incredible and glamorous cities and life. You will undoubtedly fall in love with Paris as well as Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Lyon, and Bordeaux.
  2. Romance – Apart from falling in love with the cities, you can also fall in love with a special someone. It might be someone you have known for a while or a total stranger. A lot of things can happen when in the country of romance and love.
  3. Picturesque villages – Away from the cities, France has plenty of picturesque villages that enchant with their impressive architecture, beauty, and beautiful countryside. If you want to have a glimpse at these breath-taking places, you can visit Strasbourg, Mont-Saint-Michel, and many small villages found all over the country.
  4. World-known culture, art, and cinema – France is home to famous art galleries, like the Louvre Museum (home to the iconic Mona Lisa) and the Cannes film festival. It’s also known for its movies, such as La Vie and Rose, Amelie, and Les Diaboliques among the others
  5. Fashion – France and fashion go hand in hand, so you can expect to find a lot of shopping malls and boutiques across the country. How cannot it be, when it’s the home country of some of the most famous fashion designers, including Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Christian Lacroix.
  6. Outdoor activities – You can choose between the mesmerizing beaches and the amazing ski centers or choose both. You can enjoy the activities organized on sand beaches and winter sports.
  7. Old Architecture – Gothic and Roman architecture prevails in France. This is mostly noticed on the churches cathedrals across the country, as well the ruins left behind the old nations that lived there and the French Revolution.
  8. Location – Located on the north of Europe, France shares its border with eight countries and is a short ferry ride away from the UK. There are also many airline tour operators that ensure France is easily accessible by foreigners.
Notre Dame Cathedral

Places to Visit and Things to Do

  1. Visit Paris – Known as the City of Lights, Paris is one of the top reasons you should visit France. Not only is it home to many famous landmarks to visit and explore, but it also offers a one-of-a-kind experience when the night falls. So, go and see the magnificent lights lighted up every 5 minutes every hour until the morning comes.
  2. Eiffel Tower – This authentic and incredible architectural wonder is one of the must-see places in France, if not in the world. If you climb the Eiffel Tower, you will get some of the best views of the Champs Elysees and the magnificent Paris lying beneath this giant.
  3. Disneyland – If you cannot travel across the world to the USA, you can go to Disneyland in Paris. There, you can visit the HyperSpace Mountain, the Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World, the Disney Castle, and much more. It has become the most visited destination in France.
  4. The Louvre Museum – It’s the place that even people who aren’t interested in art visit. It’s because this art museum is home to some of the most important artworks and artisits Western history such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh. In fact, you can see the spectacular Mona Lisa here.
  5. Notre Dame Cathedral – Considered a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, this cathedral is one of the most incredible tourist attractions you should visit and on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
  6. Mont Blanc – The White Mountain (eng.) is the highest peak in the French mountains and Western Europe. Standing on the border with Italy, this magnificent natural wonder has various things to offer. You can view it, take a photo, climb it, or take a trip down there. Moreover, you can visit the mountain town of Chamonix, where you will find ski resorts, restaurants, bars, spas, and other cultural attractions.
Top of Mont Blanc
  1. Bordeaux – No, we aren’t talking about the wine, but the city where the wine is produced. It’s considered a city of history and art but also has many places to visit, including the Musée des Beaux-Arts, the Place de la Bour, and the Place des Quinconces.
  2. Loire Valley – The home of Joan of Arc and the most Frenchie part of France. This valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s known for its historic and picturesque villages and towns and magnificent architecture.
  3. Wine – France is famous for its wines. From Chardonnay to Champagne, Bordeaux to Burgundy, this country really loves producing wine. So, if you enjoy wine tasting, France is the right destination for you.

If you plan on enjoying tips 15 – 17, you may want to check out my top tips on how to carry wine in checked luggage, you’ll be taking some back with you!

  1. Food – French cuisine is one of the most popular and most favored in the world. With their famous bakeries serving up croissants and cakes and many decorated restaurants with French classics such as steak tartare and delicious sauces, it’s the perfect country for every gourmand.
  2. Cheese – Speaking of food, France is known for its mouth-filling cheese. From Comte to Brie to Camembert, the French cheeses are one of the best in the world, especially when combined with other delicacies.
  3. Amazing beaches – Although it’s not as famous as the Maldives or Hawaii, the French Riviera is a great holiday destination. With the numerous mesmerizing beaches from Plage de l’Almanarre to Monte Carlo and Saint Tropez. But don’t discount Northern France as well, Normandy has some amazing, unspoiled coastline. Basically, France has beaches for everyone.
  4. Skiing – Rejoice ski-lovers because France is known for its winter sports, especially skiing. There, you can find ski sites for every pocket, from Chamonix to Courchevel. Even if you don’t know how to ski, there are highly trained instructors to help you learn.
  5. Roman Ruins – The Romans rules the land for several centuries and left some amazing ruins to witness their existence. Namely, you can find the Roman amphitheater in the Roman city of Orange in the Vaucluse in Provence, Rhone Valley, Isere, and Pond du Gard aqueduct in Languedoc.
Pont du Gard
  1. The Burgundy uplands – These granite uplands were home to people who chopped wood and farmed. Now, it’s a playground for those who want to climb, hike, bike, or ride.
  2. Anglin and Gartempe valleys – Two majestic valleys that take your breath away. Angles-sur-l’Anglin has a perfect chateau and a 15000-year-old animal frieze. There’ also the St Pierre’s church and an abbey church as St. Savin.
  3. Monet’s Creuse – Although not a famous tourist site, the Cruse department is a wonderful and rustic county worth visiting.
  4. The Somme estuary – Known as Baie-de-la-Somme, this is the place where the Somme river enters the sea. This area is home to many birds, seals, as well as a place perfect for kayaking or windsurfing.
  5. Cap Ferret – Found between Arcachon Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Cap Ferret is a small but enchanting place. There, you can found lots of beaches, boats, villas, and a hotel.
  6. Cathar Castles – The Cathars were a religious phenomenon that moved around France and other European places in the mid-12th century. As they were hiding from the crusaders sent by the King and the Pope, they built tall castles on the mountain tops.
  7. The Cevennes – A historic place that witnesses the fight between the peasants and Louis XIV. But, it’s also a place that offers an enchanting view of a landscape.
  8. The great fortress at Bitche – A citadel from the 17th citadel witnesses the Franco-Prussian war. With chapel and a museum, this fortress rises above the city and offers a panoramic view of the same.
  9. The Memorial de Verdun – A monument that witnesses the death of 300 000 French who died during the war in 1916. Nearby you can find destroyed villages that were never rebuilt, fortresses, and a landscape full of dirt and holes.
  10. St. Malo – A walled town on the north of France that was destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt again. This port city was once a stronghold for privateers and now there are restaurants, bars, and a nice coastline.
  11. The most wonderful wine route – Starting from Obernai and all the way through to Eguisheim, this route runs at the crest of Vosges mountains and Alsace wine plain. It takes through numerous wine villages with a chateau on top.
  12. The Rhone valley motorway – If you really want to experience the French culture and see what this country has to offer, you should drive down the motorway to the sun. You can start at Lapalisse and go all the way to Montélimar. On the road, you will see the rural life, nature, animals, and lovely villages.
  13. Loire Valley – This centuries-old garden of France offers you the chance to visit the best places in the area, including La Bourdaisière, Villandry, and Chaumont.
Chateau de Chenonceau
  1. Annecy – Annecy is one of the best towns in the French Alps. With its old buildings, pastel-colored houses, winding canals, cobbled streets, and waterways, this hidden gem of France is a wonderful tourist destination.
  2. Toulouse – Also known as The Pink City due to the terra-cotta bricks used in its buildings, Toulouse is one of the less-known tourist spots. Recently, it made a fortune from aerospace and built the amazing Cité-de-l’Espace space museum.
  3. The Ardeche Gorge – The oldest cave paintings in the world were discovered in this place. Although the originals cannot be seen due to their fragility, there’s a replica you can see on the hilltop nearby.
  4. Trôo – A troglo-settlement placed into a cliff-face on several levels that was home to farm laborers. Although now it’s colonized by artists who renovated the caves, the site still looks majestic.
  5. Barcelonnette – This mountain town is placed high in the Ubaye Valley. What makes it unique is that it’s a little Mexico. There are plenty of Mexican restaurants, hotels, shops, and villas.
  6. Vichy – Also known as the second Paris, this place enchants with its spas, waters, and state buildings.
  7. Tulle – You should visit Tulle because of its well-known Taverne-du-Sommelier in which both, President Hollande and the ex-president Chirac dined. This little town hosts the Nuits-de-Nacre accordion fest from 14th to 16th September.
  8. The banks of the Marne – What used to be the epicenter of weekend picnics and events in the 19th and early to mid-20th century, now is a nice place to spend your Sunday afternoon and have lunch.
  9. St. Martin’s celebrations – As the name says itself, these celebrations are devoted to the favorite French saint, St. Martin. He became adored since the ripped his cape in half to share it with a beggar.
  10. Marseille bouillabaisse – This is a fish soup-cum-stew made from all the things fishermen couldn’t sell in the past. At that time, it was a meal for the poor, but now it’s very expensive. It’s made from potatoes, tomatoes, saffron, and at least 5 types of ugly fish.
  11. Pot’jevleesch – considered a crown of the northern cuisine, this meal is one of the things you have to try. It’s made from chicken, pork, rabbit, and veal served with chips.
  12. Montpellier Estivales – If you want to enjoy the hot summer Friday nights, you should go to Montpellier because there is live music, dancing, great food and wine, and lots of people.
  13. The Vieilles Charrues festival – Another festival you should is the Vieilles Charrues festival which takes place in Carhaix. There, you can enjoy great music and see famous singers.
  14. Impressionist festival – If you like impressionism, you should check out the Impressionist festival in Normandy. You can also visit Le Havre and Honfleur, contrasting impressionist spots on the other side of Seine.
  15. The river Mayenne – If you want to spend some time cycling to relax, you should go on a slow pedaling by the river Mayenne, through the peaceful countryside filled with sunflowers and chateaux.
  16. The village of La Chaise-Dieu – Wanting to be alone, St. Robert went to a summit of a hill. Being followed by others, this village was formed. Apart from the village, the St. Robert Gothic abbey church was also built. In it, you can find danse macabre fresco and sculpted choir stalls.
  17. Bison and wolves reserves – If you want something different, like seeing wild animals, you can visit the Margeride uplands of Lozère in the southern Massif Central and the Loups-du-Gévaudan wolf reserve.

Final thoughts

Well, there you have it, 52 reasons for you to find out why France is one of the world’s most visited countries. With beautiful architecture toe found in the french castles and chateaux, romantic narrow streets and restaurants, and wonderful coastline and nature, there’s no wonder the country is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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