Barcelona Best Souvenirs | 25 Iconic Gifts From Catalunya

Barcelona is an Aladdin’s Cave for buying souvenirs as a reminder of a vacation to the Catalan capital. It is also a mecca to find a gift to send or take home to a friend, loved one back home, or neighbour who waters your plants while you’re away. Finding a unique memento can be a challenge. 

Catalan, known as Catalunya in the Catalan language, is a region famous for architecture, culture, and food, and there are plenty of things to buy. You may have exhausted the t shirts and want something with a bit of je ne sais quoi. Barcelona can be overwhelming with its numerous gift shops. 

Before you get too overcome with choices, here is our guide to help you find something that captures the culture with some of Barcelona’s best souvenirs.

25 Best Souvenirs form Barcelona and Iconic Gifts from Catalunya

Barcelona Gifts for Foodies

Catalonia was the European Region of Gastronomy in 2016. With Barcelona being one of the region’s most visited areas, finding a gift for a foodie lover is fun and fascinating. Here are a few ideas.

1. Cava

Cava being poured out of a bootle

Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine, and 95% comes from the Penedès region, just outside Barcelona. It uses the same method as producing Champagne and was initially called champàn or champaña. However, to avoid confusion with the French variety, the Spanish changed the name to Cava, the word for cave or cellar where the wines age.

Cava is a light to medium-bodied wine with a hint of citrus flavour and is often compared to Champagne. A bottle of Cava makes an excellent gift for Champagne-loving friends or family without a hefty price tag. Cava is widely-available in wine shops, restaurants, grocery stores and online as a beautifully packaged bottle in gift boxes.

A Cava and wine-tasting tour also makes a great gift for someone who enjoys sparkling wine. There are several day tours available from Barcelona.

2. Catalan Wine

Catalunya is a big wine-producing area with a long history dating back to Roman times of making interesting wines, including a sweet wine similar in style to Port. However, they are some of Spain’s least known and only recognised by the more knowledgeable wine establishments.

The Tarragona region, south of Barcelona, has a D.O. Tarragona Wine Route discovering the heritage of the region’s wine culture. There are plenty of stop-off points at vineyards and cellars to taste and purchase the fortified wines and olive oil produced in the area.

Today, Tarragona produces fortified wine but has a higher concentration making white wine, which is fresh and fruity. Many online shops are selling fortified wine, delicious wine, and olive oils from D.O. Tarragona.

You might be gift-searching for someone passionate about wines. In that case, the well-renowned European winery Familia Torres Penedès wine selection is one of the famous brands recognised for their quality wines. They featured in the American wine enthusiast magazine in the best wines of 2022. Their wines are available through the Familia Torres wine club or online stores.

3. Cheese Paradise

How about Catalan cheese to accompany your wine? Catalunya is a cheese lover’s paradise and has been making cheese for centuries. You can still find cheese made the old-fashioned way. One example is Tupi, a traditional fermented goat cheese aged in tupi clay pots for four months. It is mixed with olive oil or liquor, sometime Cava.

Mel i Mató is a fresh dinner cheese, similar to ricotta, and traditionally served for dessert with honey and garnished with nuts or chocolate.

Serrat is one of Spain’s oldest cheeses, originating from as far back as the 10th century. It is a mountain sheep’s cheese made in the Catalan Pyrenees. Serrat means closed and compact in Catalan, and the cheese comes in a round, compact shape. It is a long-ageing cheese for up to two years, giving it an intense flavour.

Several artisan shops sell cheese off Passeig de Gràcia near Plaça Catalunya.

Or, if you want to sample modern cheese made in Barcelona, there is the recently opened Pinullet Queseria Urbana. The cheese shop was started in 2019 by Francesco, who wanted to make cheese from local organic milk. 

Every week, milk arrives at Pinullet at the cheese factory behind the shop, where Francesco makes his cheese, in Gracia, in the middle of the city, hence the Urban Cheese Factory. The fantastic thing is you can witness the cheese-making process when visiting the store. 

Pinullet sells organic wines to pair with the cheese. It is a delicious gift for a cheese lover who wants to experience great taste while protecting the animals and the environment.

4. Chocolate Heaven

Lots of artisan chocolates, one of Barcelona Best Souvenirs

Barcelona and Catalunya are chocolate heaven if you are obsessed with all things chocolatey or know someone who is. A trip to Barcelona means you will be in good company. Catalonians love their chocolate. After all, it was the Spanish who introduced chocolate to Europe. 

Chocolate Museum

A fantastic place to start is the Barcelona Chocolate Museum, where you can learn the history of Barcelona’s artisanal chocolate tradition. A chocolate and cava pairing visit can make an excellent gift for a special occasion. For another fun gift, the museum offers baking and candy-making afternoons. 

If you want to buy souvenirs from Barcelona, there are museum gift shops, and the chocolate museum sells a variety of chocolate and chocolate gift boxes.

Chocolate Factory Tour

If you’ve ever read or seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and it’s been a fantasy to wander around a chocolate factory. Well, dreams do come true. Immerse yourself in a tour of one of several of Catalan’s famous chocolatiers. 

Simón Coll is a chocolatier who has been making chocolate since 1840 and is in the sixth family generation. A tour of their chocolate factory will enlighten you about the bean-to-bar process that the chocolatiers use.

After sampling the mouthwatering chocolate, you can feel like a child in a candy shop with numerous chocolate options to buy. There are seasonal wonders. At the time of writing, it’s Easter, so chocolate hens, eggs, bunnies, soccer balls, and hampers. Chocolate bars in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, flavoured, vegan, and organic. Thick hot chocolate and numerous assorted gift boxes.

Visit Artisan Chocolate Shops

Barcelona has numerous artisan shops selling chocolates, pastries, and artisanal biscuits. A renowned chocolatier with three shops in Barcelona and one in Madrid is Oriol Balaguer, a master of his craft and a famous traditional chocolatier native to Catalonia. 

Other well-known shops include Chocolataria Equador, near the Gothic Quarter. The delicious smell of hot chocolate hits you as you walk through the door. Another shop is the Chocolat Factory Rambla near Passeig de Gracia and Las Ramblas, which sells a beautiful selection of handmade chocolate, making perfect Barcelona souvenirs or gifts for yourself or someone back home.

About an hour north of Barcelona is the El Carme Pastisseria in Vic, Central Catalonia. Lluc Crusellas is the head pastry chef who, in 2022, in Paris, won the prestigious World Chocolate Masters, an event involving six assignments over three days. If you are on a Barcelona vacation and adore chocolate, a trip to the world’s best chocolatier should be a must.

5. Foodie Shops

There are many food shops if you are visiting Catalonia and want to buy in Barcelona food traditionally used in Spanish and Catalan cooking. Stores vary in size and style. El Corte Ingles is the biggest group of department stores in Europe. The store sells bundles of things to buy, such as fashion, homeware, electronics, and sport. There is also a gourmet shop selling food associated with Mediterranean culture.

El Corte Ingles sells Jamon Iberico, a traditional Spanish delicacy from Southern Spain. It is ham produced from free-range pigs and cured for at least two years. Also available are various olive oils, including cold pressed EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

Barcelona’s famous market La Boquiera Market is a must-visit. The market has an entrance from La Rambla that leads to an exciting world of food. Inside, you can find specialist food for Catalan cuisine, like Arbequina olive oil, Catalan sauces and Spanish gastronomy, such as Spanish olives stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, Jamon Iberico de Bellota, and Spanish wine.

Local chefs arrive early morning to look for things to buy, such as fresh vegetables, like sweet potatoes, a traditional Catalan vegetable, to conjure up dishes for their delicious restaurants.

Entre Latas Conservas Gourmet

For a unique Barcelona souvenir, why not take a trip to Entre Latas? It is the first shop in Barcelona dedicated to canned food. Canned seafood is relatively common in Spain, and Entre Latas sells canned octopus, mussels, oysters, and eels.

Also available are cassoulet du canard from France, filetti di tonno con ‘nduja calabrese (tuna with spicy pork) from Italy, and canned eggplant in spicy tomato sauce from Greece. You can also buy wine and vermouth straight from the barrel.

You can wine and dine as you enjoy a Masterclass by a chef using only canned ingredients. It makes for a different foodie experience and a reminder of Barcelona.

6. Panellettes

Panellettes are a traditional little bread eaten to commemorate the dead on All Saints Day. These authentic Catalunian treats, made from a marzipan base of sugar, egg and ground almonds and covered in pine nuts, are immersed in history.

Although there is a base recipe, many family variations exist, tweaking it to put an individual twist on their version. Some include boiled potato or sweet potato.

After praying for the souls of the dead, the locals feast on biscuits, nuts, sweets and wine treats, including panelletes.

Today panellettes are usually available in the autumn. However, many bakers offer this popular treat all year round. One of these bakers that you can buy in Barcelona is La Comena on the Plaça de l’Angel.

Food is a great Barcelona souvenir to remind you of your time. However, check with the country you are returning or posting to. Some countries have strict rules and regulations on posting food.

For Culture Vultures

7. Mosaic Lizard

The giant mosaic lizard in Parque Guell Barcelona

Lying in wait in Park Guell is ‘El Drac,’ another of Antoni Gaudi’s creations. Before Gaudi devoted himself entirely to the Sagrada Familia, he designed Park Guell with its beautiful gardens and colourful mosaic structures inspired by his love for nature. The remarkably accurate-to-life animal mosaics are a draw for tourists, with ‘El Drac’ being a highly prized Barcelona selfie opportunity.

El Drac is near the park’s main entrance, on the grand stairway to the Hipostia Room. You will find a mosaic copy of the lizard, one of the most unique Barcelona souvenirs, at many souvenir shops in Barcelona. One is the Gaudi & Barcelona Shop near the Parc Central Poblenou. 

8. La Sagrada Familia

Every trip to Barcelona would only be complete with a trip to the La Sagrada Familia. In 1882, work commenced on the expiatory temple under the genius architect Antoni Gaudi. La Sagrada Familia is still under construction and only obtained an official building permit 136 years after construction began. 

La Sagrada Familia is now Barcelona’s top tourist attraction, with over 20 Million visitors annually. After being awe-inspired by the masterpiece of the Basilica, visit the shop, where you will find an impressive variety of souvenirs and gifts. 

A stand-out Barcelona souvenir from the gift shop is the Our Fathers Lords Prayer Ring sculptured by Subirachs. He pays a subtle tribute to Gaudi, dominating the letters A and G in the sentence. The ring is a splendid Gaudi souvenir.

9. Modernist Inspired Ceramics

Modernism is a period that took place in Catalan from 1888 to 1910. It was a societal movement that experienced changes in art, literature, and the Catalan identity. One of the most well-respected masters of the Modernism movement is Antoni Gaudi.

Pablo Picasso is another Spanish artist of the Modernist era, best known as a painter, sculptor, and ceramist. The Picasso Museum, near the Gothic Quarter, exhibits much of Picasso’s work, including his ceramics.

Gaudi’s and Picasso’s work has been behind modernist-inspired ceramics, and many ceramic shops are selling Barcelona souvenirs inspired by famous modernist artists. Discover many of these artisan ateliers in the winding streets of the El Born area. 

One such shop is Art Escudellers, near the Palais Güell, a Gaudi-designed family mansion. The art shop is a treasure trove of ceramics. It is a fantastic place to buy a Barcelona souvenir for those appreciative of ceramics and modernism. The shop ships worldwide, too, so there is no need to worry about keeping it safe while travelling.

10. Porcelain Figurines

Colourful miniature porcelain flamenco figures for sales as souvenirs in Barcelona

Porcelain figurines in Spain date back to the 14th century when the Arabs occupied Spain. Spain now has two world-famous family-owned porcelain figurine manufacturers, Nadal and Lladro. Nadal is famous for their porcelain figures of children playing, and Lladro has a vast selection that they export worldwide. Both companies make exquisite hard-paste porcelain figures available in Barcelona.

Lladro has several official outlets in Barcelona, the most famous is on the La Rambla. Nadal and Lladro are available at El Corte Inglés on the Placa Catalunya.

A figurine from either of these companies will make a lovely gift or souvenir from your Barcelona trip.

11. La Caganer

Sometimes it is necessary to prepare yourself for the unexpected. La Caganer is one of those occasions.

La Caganer is a ceramic figure of a traditionally dressed Catalonian man with his pants down, happily pooping on the floor for all to see. Surprisingly this scene is significant in Catalan culture and very popular at Christmas when the little figure features in the nativity scene.

The message conveyed in the traditional sense is one of prosperity for the future. The meaning is not literal but metaphorical. The poop fertilises the land, bringing prosperity to all who display him and bad luck to those who don’t. Whether people believe the sentiment or not, the tradition continues to hide La Caganer somewhere in the nativity scene year after year, making everyone smile.

Although traditional as Christmas ornaments, La Caganer is on sale in many Barcelona souvenir shops in La Rambla or the Gothic Quarter. With a growing fan base, portrayals of famous people, including world leaders posing as La Caganer, have become popular Barcelona souvenirs.

12. A Traditional Wine Porron

A wine porron. A traditional glass pitcher with a long spout that narrows at the top

A wine porron is the perfect Barcelona souvenir. It originated from Catalunya, and its traditional use was as a wine decanter and a drinking vessel. The porrón is a glass pitcher that narrows towards the top. It has a long spout, similar to a watering can. 

Generally filled with wine, the aim is to pour the wine into your mouth without touching it with your lips. The idea is that a group can drink from the same porrón, which holds 0.75 litres. 

You can experience the Catalan drinking culture with beer, shandy, and cider as one of the best Barcelona souvenirs. Some eating establishments are using them to store olive oil and vinegar.

Wine porróns are readily available from a souvenir shop or wine shops. 

13. Espadrilles

The Espadrille is a time-honoured traditional Spanish footwear with evidence of wearing them in Spain’s Catalan and Basque regions for 4000 years. The word espadrille comes from the Catalan word ‘espardenya’, which refers to the natural materials of the esparto grass used to make the sole.

Traditional espadrilles were initially cheap and versatile shoes worn by peasants, priests and the infantry. However, their popularity exploded when Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall wore them on screen in the late 1940s. 

The 1970s saw the traditional shoes experience espadrille fever after Yves Saint Laurent created a wedged version. This simple Catalonian peasant shoe has stood the test of time and is a well-deserved souvenir to buy in Barcelona. 

The Gothic Quarter has plenty of places where it is possible to buy a pair of these traditional espadrilles steeped in Catalonian history. La Manual Alpargatera has been crafting espadrilles since the 1940s. You can see the artisans busy with their crafts when you browse the shop.

The shop has an olde world charm and has a vast range of espadrilles in all colours and styles. You can choose from pull-ons, lace-ups with ribbons, flats or wedges, and even a Salvador Dali range. Traditionally, people would wear the shoe down the beach. However, the famous Spanish artist wore them to Parisian parties.

If you are careful to find ones made with natural materials, they are excellent lightweight summer shoes and vegan too.

14. La Barretina

A barretina is a traditional hat worn by Catalonian men in rural areas. Other cultures around the Mediterranean, such as in Valencia, Corsica, Sicily, and Sardinia, wore a similar hat style.

The hat is traditionally made of wool and is red, occasionally purple, with a black double headband around the bottom. The hat is unique because it doubles up as a bag. 

Although unclear when men first started to wear the hat, the Catalan magazine, Sàpiens traces it back to the 17th century. Later, during the war of Africa in 1860, Catalonians wore the red caps to distinguish them from other soldiers. On returning from the war, Poet M. Josefa Massanès wrote the poem, ‘La Roja barretina Catalana.’

Today the hat is no longer worn daily. However, the red hat symbolises Catalan identity at traditional dances on holy and festive days. Salvador Dali would turn up to events in a barretina and a pair of espadrilles. You might also see a Caganer figurine peasant wearing a barretina.

Barretina’s make excellent souvenirs for those fascinated by the Callonian culture and history. 

The hat shop Mil, near Plaça Catalunya, sells the iconic hat.

For Sports Fans

15. Barcelona Football Club Merchandise

The club logo of FC Barcelona

The Spanish are crazy about watching and playing football, and rightly so. Spain is home to some of the top football clubs in the world, with FC Barcelona being one of those most famous soccer teams along with their rivals Madrid. It doesn’t matter what list you look at; FC Barcelona features in the top ten. 

Any trip to Barcelona should include a trip to one of the official FC Barcelona stores to buy some FC Barcelona swag. They have wallets and ties, watches, briefcases, and laptop bags that make perfect gifts for the travelling businessman.

16. FC Barcelona Kit Shirt

With seven official FC Barcelona stores, the biggest is at the Spotify Camp Nou Stadium. You will be spoilt for choice with how many different strips there are when buying your FC Barcelona shirt.

FC Barcelona is one of the most followed teams on social media, making an official FC Barcelona team shirt purchased from the Spotify Nou Camp Stadium a winner on the list of great gifts. 

Another FC Barcelona shirt idea and a big talking point in your office, restaurant or at home is the framed and signed Lionel Messi 7th Ballon d’Or Home Shirt Season 19/20. This item of FC Barcelona merchandise is a unique gift for a client or your loved one.   

For Kids

17. Papabubble

The candy shop is a Barcelona company that opened in 2004. They have revived the traditional art of making candy and now have several stores across the globe. If you visit their store in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, you can see the staff making the candies. You can try a few before buying them as a gift. 

The candies come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, making Barcelona gifts for kids and adults alike.

18. FC Barcelona Merchandise

Yes, FC Barcelona has a range of fantastic things to buy for kids. There is a Lego® BrickMe kit to build a model of your favourite player or yourself and a replica of the FC Barcelona Bus.

19. The Gaudi Barcelona Shop

For Barcelona souvenirs for kids, this gift shop has several choices. There are puzzles, 3D model kits, storybooks, and a Gaudi-inspired pencil case with coloured pencils.

Budget gifts from Barcelona

20. La Senyera Flag

The Catalan flag consists of four red bars on a golden background. It’s authentic and possibly the best Barcelona souvenir for those who collect flags or are passionate about history. There are plenty of tourist shops along La Rambla selling the Catalan flag.

21. Keychain

Keychains make great souvenirs from Barcelona. They are cheap and cheerful and a reminder of a Barcelona vacation. There are numerous options, such as a Salamander, a Barcelona map, and an F.C. Barcelona keychain, although this perhaps isn’t the cheapest keychain available. 

They are available across the city from most tourist shops and landmarks, such as Park Güell.

22. Fridge Magnet

Some people love brightening their refrigerators with fridge magnets of places they’ve visited. It regularly reminds them of trips they’ve been on or reminds them of people they know.

They come in many different styles, from football to I love Barcelona, to Barcelona skylines and famous landmarks. 

They are easy souvenirs to buy in Barcelona. You can spot them in places similar to keychains.

Best of the rest

23. Perfume

Barcelona may not be the first city that springs to mind regarding perfume. That’s likely to be Grasse, in France, the world’s fragrance capital. The 2006 film, Perfume, was set in Grasse, as the French Riviera town is synonymous with scent. However, much of the filming took place around Catalunya and the streets of Barcelona.

Founded in the early 1960s, the Barcelona Museum of Perfume in Passeig de Gracia opened to showcase beautiful bottles and containers dating back to Roman times. The perfume museum is inside the Regia Perfumery.

The Regia Perfumery has been welcoming people to enjoy their fragrances since 1928. They sell some of the most famous brands and a few niche fragrances, such as Ramon Monegal, a Barcelona-based perfumer.

Visiting The Perfumery, Barcelona, in Carrer de Sant Pere Més is a wonderful experience. The shop is on the same street as the Palau de la Música Catalana, another stunning example of Modernist architecture. 

Once inside the store, there is an amazing display of fragrances. The majority of their perfumes are exclusive and not found in other shops. The owner, Thomas, is knowledgeable and friendly, and the scents are exquisite. 

The Perfumery holds various courses and workshops to learn about perfumery history and how to create your own perfume or a scented candle, and perfume and wine tasting evenings.

Les Topettes Perfumeria y Jaboneria

Les Topettes is a small boutique perfumery with owners Lucia and Oriol, passionate about fragrances. They sell an interesting selection of perfumes, creams, soaps, and candles from across the globe. The environment is high on Les Topette’s list of priorities, so they sell products using environmentally-friendly ingredients.

They make perfumes in-house and will create a scent for you to sample. 

Perfumes bought in Barcelona make special gifts for yourself or a loved one who is a perfume lover.

24. Flamenco

Flamenco is a creative art form based on the folklore of Southern Spain in the Andalusian region. Although not traditionally from Barcelona, over the decades, Andalusians have migrated to the Catalan capital bringing their cultural styles. Barcelona now puts on a show that rivals Madrid.

Flamenco has broken down barriers worldwide, and there are Flamenco fans everywhere, including shows in Tokyo, Paris, and the southwestern USA. 

Flamenco has long been an iconic part of Spanish music, and seeing a Barcelona Flamenco show will give a glimpse into some of Spain’s history and culture. Barcelona’s theatres have been around since the 1960s, with audiences raving about the fabulous artistic experience.

So, if the passion for a Flamenco show gets you tingling, you can buy numerous Flamenco souvenirs in Barcelona as a reminder. There are Flamenco music CDs. Castanets, costumes, keychains, fridge magnets, and ornaments, to name a few. Many are available from gift shops.

25. Avarca or Menorquina Sandals

You might not know, but Menorca is, in fact, part of the Catalan Lands. The official languages of the Balearic islands are Spanish and Catalonian.

The Menorcan shoe dates back to the 19th century when peasants made a sandal from ox leather. In the 1950s, when Menorca became isolated during the Spanish Civil War, peasants created a modern sandal style to keep their feet cool during the hot weather. The solution was a leather upper and a sole made from an old car tyre.

In the 1960s, cobblers began taking orders. Today, genuine, original avarca makers receive the label ‘Avarca de Menorca.’

The French named the Menorcan sandal’ Menorquinas,’ which is now used interchangeably outside Menorca. The sandal still has a rubber sole, but a purpose-made one instead of a car tyre.

Several shops across Barcelona sell Menorquinas, such as Handmade: Avarcas & Espadrilles, who sell handpainted ones. They also hold hands-on workshops to discover the traditional art of Spanish shoe-making and shoe hand-painting courses.

Avarcas or Menorquinas make great things to buy from Barcelona. The leather sandal makes an elegant, incredibly comfy Barcelona fashion item with soft leather that moulds to your foot.


What is Famous in Barcelona to Buy?

What can you say about such a vibrant city? Freddie Mercury said it all, ‘Barcelona’. 

Barcelona is stunning and vibrant, and it showcases incredible architecture and culture, all beautifully positioned on the spectacular Mediterranean coastline. There is no wonder that souvenirs in Barcelona are everywhere. But what is famous for buying in Barcelona, Spain?

Take a look at the list above for many famous items, but at the top of the famous for buying in Barcelona list must be anything F.C. Barcelona related, closely followed by Sagrada Familia.

Barcelona is also famous for its contemporary styles and leather accessories, including leather sandals, food, wine and olive oil. Visiting Barcelona will be a memorable experience with plenty of shopping streets full of Barcelona and Catalan-inspired things to buy.

What Jewelry is Barcelona known for

Jewellers in Barcelona started making contemporary and art nouveau jewellery, in 1839, and since then, Barcelona has established itself as a centre for fine jewellery.

Jewellery stores are all over the city center. However, some more famous places to buy jewellery include Tomas Colomer, Bagues and Tous.

Tomas Colomer started jewellery making in Barcelona in 1870. They design and create their jewellery in their own workshops. The jewellers are on the Portal del Angel.

Bagues, located in the Emblematic Casa on Passeig de Gracia, sell Mediterranian and Catalan-inspired items. 

Tous is a Catalonia-originating company and is now worldwide. They make a range of contemporary styles, many featuring their bear mascot. Tous are also on Passeig de Gracia.

Is Zara in Barcelona Cheaper?

Yes, Zara is cheaper in Barcelona. Zara is a Spanish brand that sells clothes cheaper than in the U.K. Some comparisons have made the price difference as much as 31% more affordable in Spain.

Barcelona has around ten Zara stores, most in the city centre. It is also worth noting that they can have different items in each store, so if one store doesn’t have what you are looking for, then one of the others may.

Suppose you are planning your holiday season getaway by the Mediterranean Sea and are brave enough to take an empty suitcase ready to top up with fashion. In that case, Zara is one of those things to buy in Barcelona Spain.

Are Things Cheap in Barcelona?

Barcelona Spain, has a huge tourism industry, with around 27 million visitors annually. The city’s popularity is likely to edge prices to the more expensive side. As far as Spain is concerned, Barcelona is relatively costly.

However, if you have visited Spain and other European countries, you will know it is one of the cheapest Western European destinations. Although Barcelona does sway towards expensive in Spanish terms, it is still affordable compared to other European city breaks.

What is an Important Product of Barcelona?

The Mediterranean diet has a reputation that it is one of the most nutritious and healthiest in the world. The use of fresh vegetables, fresh fish, and quality olive oil all serve up a tasty and healthy lifestyle. Catalonia produces many sauces that enhance Mediterranean cuisine further. 

One of the best-known Catalonian sauces is the Romesco, made from roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, almonds and garlic. Xató and Calçots are also favourite Catalan sauces.

Barcelona has plenty of local markets and shops to buy these Catalan speciality sauces.

What is The Most Famous Street in Barcelona?

Las Ramblas is the most famous street in Barcelona Spain. It is lively and full of beautiful architecture and runs just over a kilometre to the Plaça Catalunya. It is popular with tourists and locals who visit the many cafes, shops, and La Boqueria Market, where fresh produce is plentiful. 

The Spanish poet Federico García Lorca described Las Ramblas as ‘the only street in the world which I wish would never end.’

The tree-lined boulevard transforms at night when bars open and the street is alive with music and lights.

Is it rude not to tip in Barcelona? 

Tipping is no longer expected in Barcelona, although it is appreciated, particularly if you have received good service. The amount to tip is up to you. However, between 5 and 10% is a good rule.

Barcelona Best SouvenirsFinal Thoughts

It might seem daunting to choose a souvenir for yourself or someone else. However, it is a fantastic excuse to look around the museums, boutique shops, chocolate factories, and vineyards, and it can be enormous fun.

Barcelona attracts a medley of visitors and residents, so there is something to buy to suit all tastes. Whether you want something culinary, fashion-related, historical, or architecturally inspired, or you’re a sports fan, there are many options. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. There are plenty of budget choices. 

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