Be aware: Siem Reap’s “Milk for the baby” scam

Milk Baby Scam Siem Reap

Siem Reap is wonderful, the people are fascinating; the nightlife has a great buzz and of course the place to stay while visiting the temples of Angkor Wat which are a short tuk-tuk (or long bike ride) away. But, while enjoying the nightlife I spotted a troubling scene unfold in front of me – something …

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Discover the Best Location to Stay in Dubai

Travelers visit Dubai for many reasons including shopping, nightlife, sightseeing and more. But what is the best location to stay in Dubai for your visit?

10 Amazing National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Mizoram

Visit tigers in Mizoram

The Treasure of Nature Mizoram is vastly known for its natural beauty and wide diversity of wildlife and vegetation. Nature has bestowed its bounty to make this place a wild lover’s paradise. About 91% of Mizoram is under forest cover. This region also happens to be the abode of rare and valuable orchids that bloom …

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How I learnt to surf in the paradise of Kuta, Lombok

The finest beaches in Indonesia

Lying chest down on my board, gently bobbing up and down, I wait for the big one, the wave that I will catch, rise up like a phoenix and triumphantly ride the ocean like Neptune himself, fist-pumping the air as bikini-clad bathers watch in admiration my tidal dominance. It’s going to be easy right? I …

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