7 Beautiful Places in India To Visit In November

November is the month of early summers in the Southern hemisphere and the month of early winters in the Northern hemisphere meaning a great diversity of choice when looking at places in India to visit in November.

India being in the northern hemisphere, experiences the arrival of the first snowy spells in the hill stations in north India and South India gets covered with a magical covering of nature.

If you wish to spend some time away from the daily hustle and bustle so you must look for a perfect place that you would like to visit especially during the arrival of the winter. Here is a list of some amazing places, I hope it may help you in some way to choose your destination.

Places in India to visit in November

1. Rajasthan

A photo of the Jal Mahal, a palace in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city, the capital of the state of Rajasthan, India.

After the fiery and humid summer in Rajasthan, the colourful and pleasant winter season of November arrives with new weather and new hopes. November is the apt time to explore Rajasthan as three fairs are organised in the month of November including Pushkar Camel fair, Chandrabhaga fair and Bundi festival.

Apart from this, Bharatpur Bird sanctuary in Rajasthan is the home for beautiful and local species of birds. In winters, countless birds such as cranes, pelicans, pipits, flycatchers and many more migrate here and enrich the beauty and charm of the place. It is one of the beautiful places to explore in the month of November.

2. Sundarbans in West Bengal

A photo of a Brown-winged kingfisher on a fence in Sundarbans, West Bengal

Sundarbans in West Bengal is positioned in Eastern India. The state is known for its rich culture and diversity and the park is famous for offering rich biodiversity and exotic wildlife experiences.

November month brings more pleasurable and enjoyable temperature to visit this place. During winters, the Royal Bengal Tiger comes near the rivers and beautiful estuaries which provide a great view for the tourists visiting there.

3. Varanasi

The Scindia Ghat, a Hindu temple in Varanasi

The spiritual city of Varanasi is located on the bank of the holy Ganges. It is a popular religious place for Hindus. Situated close to the tropic of cancer, Varanasi experiences subtropical climate. So, the months between October and March is the best time to visit this place. The mild coldness of the river water and the cold breeze blowing enhances the freshness of the place.

During the last few weeks of November, Varanasi hosts festive season of Cultural Dance and Music. In the month of November or nearby this month, Dev Deepawali is celebrated. In this festival, the whole city is enlightened with candles and diyas. The river becomes beautiful with the reflection of the light of the city.

4. Bodh Gaya in Bihar

The Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Bodh Gaya is a famous pilgrimage of Lord Buddha. It is a place where Lord Buddha achieved wisdom under the Mahabodhi Tree. The best time to visit Bodh Gaya is in November because at this time the climate is very pleasant and the cool breeze starts blowing.

The Bodh Gaya town is a memorial place where the followers of Buddha reside in the Mahabodhi temple. In the month of November, the place hosts a number of monks from Dharamshala. The place provides a feeling of divine and it is free from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. It is one of the must visit place if you are seeking peace.

5. Sanasar in Jammu & Kashmir

Sanasar Lake in Kashmir

If you love to do adventurous sports like paragliding, climbing, mountain trekking, the best place to visit is Sanasar. Sanasar is named after the names of two local lakes. During the month of November, this place is wrapped in a white blanket of ice and the weather is at its charm and pleases everyone. The place offers wonderful and authentic Kashmiri food.

This place shows the gorgeous and the alluring side of Jammu and Kashmir. During November, the water from the waterfalls freezes into ice and it seems that the hills have taken a beautiful appearance to express their presence and the snow all around creates an illusion as if you are walking on the livelier skies.

6. Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh

Tilakeshwar mahadev temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

Ujjain is a pilgrim spot. In addition to this, it is a place which always attracted people from all over the world to have a visit there. The best time to visit Ujjain is in the month of November as the weather is very pleasant and the days are cool. During this time the Mahakaleshwar temple which is situated near a lake is full of devotees.

According to Hindu mythology, Ujjain is the homestead of Lord Shiva and houses one of the biggest Jyotirlinga among the 12 Shiva Jyotirlinga in India.

7. Manali in Himachal Pradesh

Snow capped mountain tops of Manali in Himachal Pradesh

The ravishing hill station in the arms of Himachal Pradesh is the perfect destination which one can explore in the month of November. As November strikes, the winters of Manali enhances to its extreme giving the place an entirely true scenic beauty that moves everyone visiting there.

The city is surrounded by the Himalayan peaks which get a blanket of snow on them and the guarding pine trees whose leaves shine as if it has a diamond on it when the dew falls on them. Nature’s beauty is at its best during this time. Also it is a spot of winter sports like paragliding and skiing.

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