The Travel Blogs completes the purchase

The Travel Blogs has completed the purchase of two informative travel luggage websites. Both Luggageism and Travel Luggage and Backpacks are sites that pride themself on the quality of information they provide for their readers and suggestions they make.

Both sites will now be merged to the existing Travel Blogs website.

What is The Travel Blogs?

The Travel Blogs was founded by Matt Hulland who continues as the owner of the website. It is a place that travellers can use to find a collation of helpful travel posts with the destinations easy to find with the map-based interface.

As well as an easy way to find blogs, the website also focuses on gear guides with helpful resources for all travellers.

What were and and were two specialist luggage-related websites. They will be merged into the existing Travel Blogs website to help expand the range of excellent gear guides available on the site.

CEO of, Matt Hulland, said “We are delighted to have completed the purchase of and They are both well-respected sites with great information that has helped many people shop for luggage and luggage-related products.

“We will continue to offer people all the information they need on suitcases and backpacks as well as expand the advice on a number of other topics that help people become better travellers.”

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