What to do in Cabo San Lucas With Family | 6 Fun Ideas

Los Cabos is one of the top destinations in Mexico with beautiful beaches, natural attractions and a glorious gastronomy, that will make you want to back every time. It is not rare that some exclusive Hollywood celebrities choose Cabo as the destination for their vacations. 

Cabo has activities for all ages, so don’t worry if you are planning to go to Cabo San Lucas with the whole family. It is also a pretty safe place, with easy embassy access if you need it. However, if you are still planning your vacations and want to know all the options this destination has for you and your family, here is a little help.

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1. Enjoy some water activities

Cabo is a great scenario to practice different water activities like snorkeling or diving, and get more in contact with nature in company with your family and friends. The greatest attractions are located below the surface of the sea with tropical fish and sea turtles, and snorkeling is an incredible option to see all the wonders. You can book a snorkel tour or go by yourself to explore the underwater life, there are also particular spaces like the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park that are perfect to explore.

Paddleboarding is also another popular activity in Cabo especially during the evening when it becomes a peaceful and meditative practice. In case you don’t know where to paddleboarding or kayak, most all-inclusive hotels offer this activity in the packages, so you might first ask them or get a tour, there are plenty of options offered by locals. 

Cabo San Lucas is also home of the deep sea fishing competitions, that every year reunite renamed competitors, so if you are lucky enough, you can experience it on your stay. But the most iconic attraction in Cabos is the whale watching. During the months between  December and March, the gray whales can be seen jumping and splashing in the sea for lucky tourists. There are plenty of tours that you can take, so you don’t miss this spectacle. 

2. Visit El Arco

The visit to the most emblematic attraction is a must during your time in Baja California, that is possible in different ways. Knowing as “End of the Earth”,  El Arco is located in the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula and you can visit it by kayak, boat or even snorkeling if you want to exercise. 

If you are traveling with your family, you can book a tour on a sailboat to get to know this attraction in a quiet mood and enjoying the sea breeze. Most tours offer open bar, snacks and a quick stop to see the sea lions in their complete habitat without disturbing them. 

3. Relax on the beaches

Cabo San Lucas is pretty famous for the beautiful beaches and ocean views you can find there, with plenty of options to enjoy and visit during your stay to spend some quality time with your family. Cabo region has very quiet beaches, however, there are also some with deep waters, strong waves and undercurrent, not designed to swim. These are usually marked with a red flag, so in case you want to go to swim, look first for the green flag indicating that the area is approved for swimming. 

Although some beaches are not available for swimming, there are still plenty of other options to enjoy, full of hotels, restaurants and amenities. Some of the most famous beaches to swim are: Playa del Amor, Playa Chileno, Playa El Medano, Playa Palmilla where you can enjoy activities such as building sand castles and strolling along the shore.

4. Get in contact with nature and go hiking

Hiking is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, where at the end of the mountain you will find an immense panoramic view of the city and the ocean and take amazing pictures. You and your family can hike the trails of Cerro del Vigía, either go by your own or there are local guides that take groups from the base every morning. 

Do not forget your sturdy shoes to cross the rocks at the top and save some energy and water when the trail gets higher. Although it can take a lot of work to get here, this is one of the most rewarding things to do in Cabo San Lucas, especially in the company of your loved ones. Just make sure you have a quiet moment to enjoy the view and the tranquility at the end of the route. 

5. Play a round of golf

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are recognized as one of the best destinations to play golf in Mexico, with different options of golf course to keep you busy. Los Cabos offer an extraordinary natural environment with the mountains, desert and ocean as the main elements that have allowed the top designers to create some of the most beautiful courses. Either you play professionally or are a beginner golfer, this is a great option to spend some time with your family in a quiet environment.  

6. Visit some local towns

Having a one-day tour is a great option if you want to know more about the local culture. There are different pretty towns surrounding Cabo San Lucas, with a magical charm to explore. To go visit all the places near Cabo you can rent a car, take a bus or get a private Cabos airport shuttle.

Todos Santos is one of the most popular towns near Cabo San Lucas with different legends that make it attractive for curious travelers, especially the story behind the Hotel California. With a mix of desert, mountains and beaches, it is totally worth the one-hour travel time from Cabo.  

But if you prefer to have a total marine adventure, Cabo Pulmo is your best option. This is one of the best places for snorkeling and scuba diving since different species can be seen while swimming. Knowing as The “Aquarium of the World”, this protected area has impressive coral reefs to explore. Cabo Pulmo is just 132 kilometers far from Cabo San Lucas, about 2 hours driving. 

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