What to see in Dubai in 2 days | 10 Great Ideas | Helpful Guide

Dubai is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s a desert oasis that has seen rapid development over the past two decades. It has quickly become a modern city with stylish skyscrapers, malls, restaurants, hotels, and more, all built within 25 years. The pace of growth has slowed, but there are still plenty of new attractions to see. 

So if you’re planning on visiting Dubai for just 2 days, here are 10 great ideas to help you plan your trip!

1. Burj Khalifa

A large burj khalifa dubai building

The Burj Khalifa stands as the world’s tallest building and an all-time favourite for tourists to Dubai. Its 828m height gives it a majestic place at the centre of the city.

The Burj Khalifa is an experience that gives the city’s highlights in one go and should be on the top of tour sites in your list. Plan to spend a half-day here in the Burj Khalifa, to cover all the sights that may pique your interest.

Your Dubai itinerary should begin with the Burj Khalifa. Taking pictures from the observation deck of Dubai’s highest building to spot its place in the Dubai skyline before checking its many restaurants.

2. Downtown Dubai-The Dubai Fountain

The incredible dancing fountain in dubai

This fantastic site is at the lowest level of the Burj Khalifa and is the world’s largest choreographed fountain display. Its jet streams soar to as high as 150m, and the waves gently swirl in time to musical numbers, keeping tourists entertained till 11 pm.

In addition, the Dubai Fountain has a great location at the heart of Downtown Dubai where diners can enjoy the beautiful display while feasting on Dubai’s finest meals from the fountain view.

3. Dubai Water Canal

Attractions around dubai water canal

The canal is Dubai’s newest addition to its attraction sites and came to be at the end of 2016. The water canal cost about a 2.7billion AED and has a length of about 3.2miles. An intriguing feature is the 12m cycling path and jogging track in front of the waterfall.

A downside to this is that the sun hits hard at noon and can discomfort the tourists. However, no site is more romantic for a quiet evening out. Dubai water canal is perfect for business, and at night, the whole streets leading are awash with light and casts the most serene scene.

4. Dubai Mall/Dubai Marina

dubai _mall_of_the_emirates

Unlike every other tourist site, Dubai also houses the world’s largest mall, Dubai Mall, and this finds its space at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. The size of the Dubai mall is ‘ginormous’ and equivalent to the size of fifty standard soccer fields.

The Dubai Mall gives everyone that visits Dubai a reason to shop, and it has a collection of the best things from all over the world. It should find a place in your Dubai itinerary.

 When you’re tired of the endless activity of the mall, the Dubai Marina is a charming spot for yacht watching amidst some of the architecture that has made the Dubai Marina so famous.

At 5 pm, you can get in on a ferry cruise to enjoy the sunset from the Dubai Marina and take in the aforementioned Dubai fountain spread out over Downtown Dubai.

5. Palm Jumeirah-Burj Al Arab

Best view of burj al arab hotels

Dubai has gone a long way in making seemingly impossible things happen. Most would never have thought that having an entire island shaped like a palm tree remotely possible in a primarily desert region.

However, Dubai outdid itself once more, and this is the largest artificial island ever! It is so large that Palm Jumeirah is visible when viewing the world from outside space.

It is not only large, but it also is a luxury space that houses about 30 of the world’s best hotels and other accommodations; at the heart of it is the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The Burj Al Arab epitomizes Dubai in a lot of ways – in its luxury and far-reaching hospitality. Also, you can lounge lazily and get a tan on the Jumeirah beach or visit the Jumeirah Mosque for a complete feel of Jumeirah island.

6. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

One of the most occurring words in history is – live! You can do this in two days in Dubai without spending so much. Get to watch about 33,000 animals in the most extensive underwater zoo in history and experience the thrill of scuba diving and animals passing over your head in a transparent glass tank.

The great aquarium gives your kids a captivating experience and feels like they are closer to these sea creatures. The underwater zoo has three sections: the rainforest, the living ocean, and the rocky shore, great for sightseeing with the kids and teaching about the animal kingdom. These partitions give one the knowledge of animal habits. The delightful structures of the sight can keep you going for hours on end.

7. Dubai Desert Safari Tour

The evening of the desert safari tour in dubai

Because Dubai feels like a regular city plus a glimpse of the future, the desert experience is relatively easy to sweep under the rug when thinking of tour sites during your visit. Make no mistake; however, there’s so much classiness in a Dubai Safari tour.

The evening out camping in the desert climaxes this experience. Some fun camp activities include dressing up in Emirati attire, admiring the local belly dance, dune bashing, henna painting, and Quad biking after drinking tea brews you won’t find anywhere else. It is the whole package with the works, and you shouldn’t miss out on it. You can end the tour by visiting theme parks and taking a picture at the picture frame.

8. Abu Dhabi

Biggest rich building of abu dhabi

The United Emirates capital is just an hour’s ride from Dubai and a fun place to see when you explore Dubai. You get a clear representation of the development of the United Arab Emirates. You can enjoy the best of the Emirates.

It also has historical sites such as Al Ain that are perfect for sightseeing and tells of conquests and all the spurts of victory and royalty that the United Emirates house. Abu Dhabi is not Dubai but has its thrills and elegant surprises.

9. Ski Dubai

Place of ski dubai

Dubai is home to the impossible, and it may feel weird to have a Dubai desert safari tour and still find a spot for skiing. The Mall of the Emirates houses a ski spot that covers a 22,000m space. The indoor ski space is always at -1°C and gives the experience of snow and fun.

Nothing can compare to the wildness that a complete blend of experience brings. And most interesting is that these experiences are all in the same space, which cuts money and stress. Therefore, you have to relax and have tons of fun.

10. Gold Souk

Dubai gold souk market with jewellery and necklaces

This explains Dubai’s title as the city of gold. Although a regular marketplace, Gold Souk is a haven of gold, with gold and pretty gemstones glistening from every shop in the market. It has been an important tourist site for decades and one of the sites where you can get the best prices for quality gold. It should be in your Dubai itinerary, and you should mark it off within your two-day stay in Dubai.

How to Get Around Dubai

Tourists tour dubai by boat

Dubai has the best tourist attraction sights and complements this with the best transport systems available to man. To get around in Dubai, depending on your destination, you may want to consider:


Your two days in Dubai itinerary presses you for time, so you have to manage every second to cram in the best experiences as best as possible. That implies that you do not want to waste valuable time in traffic. Luckily, the complex Dubai rail network helps save valuable time. You have choices of the Dubai Metro, monorail transport, or tram.

  • Metro:

The Dubai Metro is part of the Dubai touring experience and is a fast driverless train network that runs on two lines: the red and green lines. The red lines cover the Sheikh Zayed Road, while the green lines cover the Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai, and Deira. The Metro has over 45 stops and serves the majority of Dubai tourists.

The Gold and Silver classes’ tickets come in Gold class having one train coach and costing twice the silver class. Ticket prices depend on the tour zone and distance, and you may need to get a Nol card (this translates as a fare card) before boarding a Metro.

  • Monorail:

Your Dubai itinerary should include some hours at the Palm Jumeirah Island, and the best way to get there is through the Palm Monorail. The monorail connects Dubai to the Island station, where you can get trams to take you further on your tour.

  • Tram:

The Dubai tram connects two main metro stations: the Dubai Marina Metro Station and the DMCC metro station. It has a flat rate of AED 3 and AED6 per person for each ride, regardless of its distance, making it one of the cheapest modes of transportation in the city. In addition, the Dubai tram travels on unique street-level tracks that connect densely populated regions and thus, save time and cost. That is beneficial and effective in time-saving.


Taxis are most convenient when going through the city. However, all taxis in Dubai use a metered system, and you may experience long waits before your taxi comes. That can get frustrating.

  • RTA Taxi:

This is the most available and most accessible taxi transport in Dubai. The fares start from AED 5 in all general locations, except in popular tourist attractions like the Burj Khalifa, the Mall of the Emirates, and the Dubai Mall. These taxis have red, blue, green, and yellow roofs and pose no threats to tourists as they are all registered vehicles.

  • Uber/Careem:

These are mobile-based taxis and giving RTA taxis a run for their money. The Ubers respond quickly and help to save time when you are pressed for time. Although these are a bit pricey, you get top-notch service in a luxury car. The fun part is that you can pre-book an Uber, and they work even at night. So at night, travelling via taxi is the fastest and easiest way to travel around town.

Rental Car:

You can also rent a car at the Dubai airport or several other locations throughout the city, including Thrift, Dollar, Hertz, and W&B Rent a Car. That is the most expensive mobile option available to tourists, and you should include the cost of fuel. Car maintenance adds extra cost to your budget.

Water Transportation:

  • Dubai Ferry is quite popular among tourists and should be part of your two-days in Dubai itinerary. Water transportation is classy and helps you to beat time and avoid road traffic. Although water taxis are fast and efficient, they are a little pricey. Dubai Ferry stops at major points in the city and has room for events such as visits to the Dubai Marina outside the Dubai Mall. It also allows tourists to glimpse the Dubai skyline and other iconic buildings like the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Arab. In addition, it will enable you to take pictures of Dubai’s noteworthy sites from on the water.
  • Then there’s the Abra ride that is the quaintest way to feel the Emirati culture. It is a local boat ride that fits about 20 people at once.


Although this may seem burdensome, you get the best experience of Dubai when you stroll through the city. You get to explore the city and interact with the locals personally about the city’s history and Emirati culture. 

There are diverse public transportation options, and you may want to keep your tour guide handy to help you choose the correct mode of transportation.

Best Time To Visit Dubai

A two-day holiday in Dubai should give you the best experiences of the city. So, the best time to cross things off your Dubai itinerary is during the winter months, from November to April. January and February have the highest tourist traffic with the Dubai Shopping Festival within this period. The winter period is pleasant in Dubai, and the sun is much milder than in April-October. Be sure to book well ahead to get the best spaces at the best rates before the rush season.

Dubai Holiday Planning Tips

Two friends are taking selfies in dubai

When planning a two-day trip to Dubai, you must plan everything ahead of time to get the optimum city experience within a limited time. Your itinerary should include plans for lodging, mobility, and sights to see. Valuable tips to help you plan your holiday-in-Dubai itinerary include:


There is never a shortage of hotels in Dubai. Still, you may want to book before your trip to avoid stressful situations with dwellings and get the best hotel rooms before the rush season when the city gets bustling. You can check rental sites and pick a hotel that gives you comfort and is quite close to the start point of your tour. Some hotel options include Atlantis Hotel and other luxury hotels.

Comfortable Outfits:

This part of planning a Dubai trip proves stressful to most people, especially women. However, you might only need to wear the traditional abaya and hijab when visiting Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque and every other mosque. You would be surprised to see people scantily dressed at the Jumeirah beach and other such sites.


Plan ahead of time to explore the city’s rich delicacies while touring Dubai in two days. You can plan for an early morning breakfast at the Dubai Creek or the Burj Lake and end the evening with dinner at one restaurant near the Burj Khalifa. Dubai has a rich cuisine that includes almost all food types except pork, as Dubai is a predominantly Muslim region. The Souk Al Bahar is a perfect spot to tantalize your taste buds with the elegant cuisines available in Dubai.


Read up on the types of public transports in Dubai, and plan your means of transportation before taking your trip. When coming in from European countries, you can take a direct flight from New York City to Dubai and get a 2 for one deal. You can also take a flight to Abu Dhabi and take an hour’s ride to Dubai.

Set A Budget:

There is always something to buy at every corner of Dubai, especially if you visit Deira gold souk, Al Farida, the Dubai Mall, and the Spice Souk. However, there are also plenty of things to do in Dubai on a budget, so you must work with your funding to avoid overspending.


Are PDAs allowed?

While Dubai does not welcome shows of sexual affection, its laws allow hand-holding and peck on the cheeks. You should, however, be very careful as a solo female traveller or move in the company of other tourists.

Do I Require a Visa to Travel to Dubai?

You do not need to have a Visa to visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi if you own a USA passport.

Can I Visit Dubai with My Kids?

Dubai has high levels of security, and so your kids are always safe. Although it is a busy city, there are fun activities for kids such as indoor skiing, camel riding, visits to the kite beach, lost Chambers aquarium, the lost city, the Underwater Zoo, the Dubai Mall, and many other attractions.

Is Dubai an English Speaking Country?

Although Dubai is an Arabic-speaking city, most vendors speak English fluently and signage in Arabic and English. So, you won’t have problems with communication.

What is Equivalent of a Dollar in Dubai Currency?

The Arab Emirates uses the AED, which stands for the Arab Emirate Dirham and is equivalent to $0.27. The AED bills and coins have Arabic on one side and English, making it easy to make transactions.


Two days in Dubai can bring lots of pleasure with visits to all the right places. Understanding the city and its wonders and planning ahead of time earn you visits to top attraction sites with the best budget and no stress. So start planning your trip today!

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