8 of the best travel bloggers you should already be following

There are thousands of travel blogs available on the internet these days, and while it is up to you as an individual to find what you like, a voice that resonates with you, I thought I’d try and help.

Normally I love to discover a hidden talent, blogs that have some fantastic writing but maybe haven’t hit the mainstream and pin them to my interactive travel blog maps. However, none of us would exist if it wasn’t for the ones at the top. They are the inspiration and proof that with hard work and perseverance, you can turn your passion for travel into a career.

So that said, below, in no particular order, is my list of the 8 best travel blogs that I think you should follow (if you’re not already).

1. Barefoot Nomad

Best Travel Blogs 2018 Barefoot Nomad
Photo Credit: The Barefoot Nomad

The Barefoot Nomad is a travel blog managed by Canadian couple; Charles and Micki. Although they began their traveling adventures in 2003, their traveling site was established in 2009. The couple has traveled to over 40 countries and documented almost all of their trips.

Although they started out as a young couple eager to see the world, once they started their own family, they decided to, understandably, shift their focus and have quickly become one of the best family travel blogs online.

Their blog offers a look into their trips, tips on traveling as a family, what to do and where to go, among other things. They suggest kid-friendly destinations and activities, making it a perfect family friendly blog.


2. Professional Hobo

Best travel blogs Professional Hobo
Photo Credit: The Professional Hobo

Nora Dunn is the author and star of this, one of the best personal travel blog sites around. She began her full time traveling career in 2007 and has since traveled more than 55 countries. She has dedicated her whole life to traveling and now makes a living off of it.

One of the things I really appreciate in this blog is that it´s not a budget travel site, like how you can travel as cheap as possible if you sleep in bus shelters etc, but Nora tries to show her readers and followers how to travel in style at the lowest possible price. She aims to eradicate the misleading belief that one needs millions of dollars to see the world while sharing fun personal tales of the road.

3. Planet D

Best Travel blogs Planet D
Photo Credit: The Planet D

Dave and Deb (thus the D in the blog’s name) are a couple that has traveled more than 100 countries in all 7 continents. Not only have they won gold medals for their blog and traveling activities, Dave and Deb have been named one of the top ten travel influencers in the world by Forbes (and more importantly me ?) and in the process have become one of the internets most visited travel blogs.

This couple travel everywhere together. Their passion for traveling was stirred up in 2008 after taking part in Tour d’Afrique. This is a cycling challenge that starts in South Africa and ends in Cairo. Thereafter they began travel blogging and have since been doing it both as a passion and as a career.

4. Migrationology

Mark Wiens is an American born travel blogger who is now based in Bangkok with his wife. His blog is about food traveling. What this means is that the blog specializes in foods of different countries and cultures.

Mike began Migrationology in 2009 and has since published an ebook that is a guide to eating Thai Food. He chose food traveling because he believes food, like music, is one of the things that bring people of all and any culture together, even without words. Migrationology has been voted one of the best travel blogs of 2018.

5. Shut up and go

Best Travel Blogs Shut Up & Go
Phot Credit: Shut Up & Go

Shut up and go is a little different to a blog, but definitely warrants inclusion The site is a motivational travel platform started by two young individuals, Damon and Jo with a goal to inspire other to travel through their own stories and traveler submissions. 

Here’s what Damon and Jo had to say: “Shut Up and Go is the only platform of its kind: a place for people who stop making excuses, and well, shut up and go. From Sydney to Paris, and everything in between, our contributors tell the story of a new way of living: globally, comedically, and unapologetically.

If you’re a badass who wants to shut up and go live your best life, shut up and go to shutupandgo.travel. We’ll see you there. “

So there’s their challenge – stop making excuses about why you cannot travel and go.

6. The Blonde Abroad

Best Travel Blogs The Blond Abroad
Photo Credit: The Blonde Abroad

What started off as an attempt to escape a life of monotony and boredom, has turned out to be a multilevel business for one Kiersten. This native Californian was an achieving student and a finance manager before she decided to quit her job and travel the world.

She began by going to a county for a few months and back home, but in 2014, after starting the Blonde Abroad blog, she now travels three quarters of a year and has a whole team of people who help in the running of her blog.

With the main aim of inspiring women to travel and see the world, this blogger has been featured in countless lists of best travel blogs. She is a solo traveler who uses her traveling for several purposes including social media marketing, company advertisements and fundraising for charity.

7. Stuck in customs

Best Travel Blogs Stuck in Customs
Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

Trey was once a professional mathematician before he decided to quit his day job and enter into the realm of creativity. Stuck in customs is a stunning photography travel blog that started when Trey begun taking a photo a day of the different places he visited and posting them on social media.

Trey was born blind on one eye and so photography is like a superpower for him. Over a period of ten years, he has become one of the best travel bloggers on instagram and managed to garner himself a following of over 100 million followers in all social media platforms combines.

Companies and businesses have used Trey’s skills, talent and travel blog to enlarge their markets and this has, in turn, increased stuck in custom’s global popularity. This is an amazing blog to follow especially for people with a knack for photography. Trey keeps sharing a photo a day since he began and even offers photography tutorials for interested fans.

8. Alex in Wonderland

Also started in 2009, this blog is about a New Yorker who got tired of the city life, and in need to quench a fire of adventure in her soul, embarked on her first trip to South Asia. Alex’s first trips were not permanent as she would travel and go back home at the end of her experiences.

She says that she was initially afraid of “eating dinner alone, getting lost in the airport and losing my camera,” but once she reached her destination she knew she had found her life’s passions.

Alex uses her blog to document her experiences in the 30+ countries she has traveled while engaging in diving activities which she has confessed to loving. In her blog, Alex also gives tips and suggestions for jobs that people can do while traveling in order to not end up hungry and homeless.


As much a dream it may seem, to be able to travel the world, write about it and get paid, do not underestimate the hard work and talent that goes into making and sustaining a successful travel blog. Its not all sunsets and cocktails.

Living the good life with sunsets and cocktails
Well . . . some of it is sunsets and cocktails


Traveling as a way of life can be a hectic decision especially when it seems like the universe is against your efforts. However, these 8 top travel bloggers have proven that although it may be difficult, it is not impossible. Dream Big.

Do you have any favorite travel bloggers who you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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