10 Ideas For What To Do In Dubai During Summer With Tips For Staying Cool

Dubai has long been a popular destination for travelers from all over the world, and with good reason. The city offers an oasis of sandy beaches, towering skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and a myriad of other attractions.

However, Dubai is known as one of the hottest destinations in the summer months. In this blog post, I want to tell you about some of the best summer activities to do in Dubai when it’s scorching hot outside.

How hot does it get in Dubai in the summer?

Every desert usually gets extremely hot, particularly in summer. You were not expecting Dubai to be an exception, were you? Though standing tall in magnificent elegance and extreme beauty, the gorgeous city is still what it is- a desert. Well, I guess you know how hot deserts could be in summer (even if you haven’t been in one).

The truth is, Dubai, like all deserts, gets hot, especially during summer, which runs from middle May down to October. August happens to be the hottest month of summer in Dubai.

In August, It can get so hot that you feel like you’re halfway far from boiling. Technically, that’s not a false assumption because the temperature gets as high as 50°C. That’s an equal degree far from boiling water.

If you have packed your bags ready to take the next flight to Abu Dhabi this summer, don’t be discouraged. The city is beautifully designed to accommodate every one of us, come summer, winter, heat, or cold. So yay! Don’t unpack those bags just yet. I know helpful tips that will help you get through even the hottest month in summer.

Tips for dealing with the heat in Dubai

Drink as Much Water as you Can

Drink as much water as you can

The sun gets quite scorchy during summer, and you will want to avert the dehydration that comes with the piercing effect of the sun. So how do you curb the dehydrating effect of the scorching heat? By drinking as much water as possible and as necessary.

I cannot possibly exhaust all the beneficial effects of drinking water during summer. Water helps you stay hydrated and reenergizes you as you survey the nice-looking metropolis. In addition, you keep tiredness at bay when you drink more water, as severe fatigue is linked to long-standing dehydration.

Water enhances the circulation of your entire body and, most importantly, the motility of your GIT as you move. The chances of you sweating increases, and you lose electrolytes. Your body needs to replenish all that has been lost. This alone counts as a reason why you should drink water.

In summary, tagging along with a water bottle as you move around Dubai is worth it, specifically in summer.

Stay in an Air-conditioned Lodge

The United Arab Emirates can get hot. Staying in a lodge not equipped to deal with the extreme heat can make your situation worse.

The good news is, AC rooms happen to be a popular thing around the city and even in neighbouring cities like Abu Dhabi. So regardless of your budget while on vacation in Dubai, you have a higher chance of getting a lodge prepared to deal with the heat than one that is not.

Fortunately, many hotels make visits to Dubai during the summer less demanding. Many of them are created with swimming pools, fully air-conditioned bars, and luxurious spas to condone the heat.

That usually will fall in your budget, even if you bring in your whole family. But, summer will be fun for you all.

Wear Light Clothes!

I may need to scream this tip again if you probably ignored the heading above. So again, wear light clothes. It is one of the essential tips you must consider while packing clothes convenient for a visit to Dubai in summer.

In choosing clothes to travel with to the beautiful city, you should stick with clothes that do conform to how the natives in the region dress. These clothes should not stick to your body, and your choice of clothes should absorb less heat. So, yes. Packing up a thick black dress to Dubai on a summer meeting is a no. Wearing a thin white fabric and other lightly coloured fabrics will help you immensely on a summer visit.

Go Sight-seeing Earlier in the Day, or Much Later

Even if you have worn layers of sun protection cream before dashing into the sun, staying under the sun is not advice to anyone. Staying indoors on sunny days will prevent you from getting a sunburn or too much of a tan. If you must go outside anyway, going earlier in the morning or much later in the evening to see the town is a better option.

If your adventure choice will require you to walk on your feet for a long distance, setting out in the morning of the adventure is the best bet. However, earlier in the morning is a better choice. So for an adventure trip in the morning, setting out at 7 am, before the sun rises, is the right time to start a journey so you can at least get to your destination before the sun becomes scorching at noon. Wear good shoes and take a bottle of water right along.

For events and adventures that can be carried out at night, taking the option of when the sun relapses back to its cave is the best option. Visiting the parks at night is more enjoyable.

Avoid Heavy Meals

Trying out new kinds of food is perhaps top of our priority list when we visit somewhere new, or a place like Dubai for pure fun. First, of course, it’s relatively good to explore, but when your visiting Dubai happens to coincide with the notorious Dubai summer; eating less will do you more good in curbing the heat.

Eating smaller meals will make your body uses less energy to digest the food you take, so less heat is produced. A heavy meal has the opposite effect. That means that your body will expend more energy in digesting food. Trying out several kinds of food is enticing, I understand. A little of every food, however, will keep the heat away.

The Sunscreen Will Come in Handy

The sunscreen will come in handy

Applying a generous dose of sunscreen with an SPF protection above 30 on your face and other exposed areas will work magic in protecting you against the dangerous effect of sunburn as you have fun outdoors. Making sure your sunscreen is of a noble brand is also just as pertinent as getting sunscreen. A sunscreen that offers no sun protection is as good as not putting on any, trust me on this.

I would have suggested you stay indoors and take in fun indoor activities throughout your stay in Dubai. But, if you want to step out, you can visit attractive indoor sites like the Ski Dubai, ski resort, the Dubai aquarium, and incredible shopping malls as an excellent solution to curb the heat in the city. But, why limit the fun when you can have more?

Dubai is built, so you explore its splendour every time. But, you should know that the summer heat will be your hindrance to the endless fun you can have outdoors only if you allow it.

10 places to visit in Dubai in summer

Dubai is truly the perfect place for you to spend all your holidays at any time of the year, even in summer. Once your legs touch the ground of the metropolis at the Dubai International Airport, you notice how Dubai has its generous share of famous attractions and spectacular views of nature. The beautiful beaches speak volumes about the endless entertainment options you have. Some of these options I have highlighted for you below.

1. Burj Khalifa

Dubai burj khalifa building

The truth remains that you can’t come to Dubai without visiting the first wonder of modern world architecture- Burj Khalifa.

Standing at almost 850m tall, the Burj Khalifa remains unbeatable in being the tallest building in the whole world. Fortunately, the stunning architectural beauty is located close to the magnificent Dubai Mall. It has indeed drawn visitors worldwide since its first opening in 2010, all keen to feel and see its elegance. Burj Khalifa doesn’t only offer modern architectural beauty. It gives a perfect view from its observation decks of breathtaking beaches and other marvellous sights.

The building itself is fully equipped to help you enjoy the hottest summer months, but not far from it is the Dubai Mall, which perhaps draws even more people to it. If you’re visiting Dubai for the first time, then a visit to the Dubai mall is as essential as the world’s tallest building.

2. Green Planet, Dubai

Dubai green planet building

If you are a lover of nature like I am, Green Planet is a place you will love to be. Amid nature.

This tropical forest is home to diverse plants and beautiful animal species. The enormous variety of plants, animals, and insects make Green Planet the most exciting and blossoming forest in the tropic.

Green Planet, located at City Walk, Al Wasl, offers an excellent indoor experience for you if you adore nature in its purest form. Another exciting thing about the Green Planet is, it is manufactured from scratch. Toucans and sloths are typical to this forest, mimicking how it is in the tropics. The opening hours of the Green Planet are Sunday to Saturday, 10:00 am with6:00 pm, with affordable prices to keep your younger kids awed as much as you are.

Seeing, they say, is believing. So the spectacular indoor atmosphere of nature’s hub is something you should add immediately to your wish list.

3. Ski Dubai

Place of ski dubai

Located close to the Malls of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the United Arab Emirates. It is the first indoor Ski resort to begin fun activities in the heart of Dubai.

Going to a cold place for fun activities is a thoughtful option during the intense summer heat. Ski Dubai, an indoor snow park, is the best bet. It spans a total area of about 3,000m2 and is filled with 22,500m2 of snow. The fantastic thing is that the Skiing range is maintained at sub-zero temperatures all year round.

This snow park is located at Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai – United Arab Emirates. It opens its doors from 10 am-1 am

4. Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

Dubai aquarium gives you the chance to explore the marine life and underwater world from a distance and at your comfort without heat stress.

The gigantic Dubai aquarium doubles as an underwater zoo, a home to over 30,000 species of aquatic animals. The aquarium is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is also right in the city of Dubai- at the magnificent Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai.

The aquarium grants you the chance to see species of aquatic animals you may have never seen live, safe for pictures on the internet. You experience the ecstasy of this adventure at quite an affordable price as well. Have you ever seen a live seahorse or piranha fish? Grab the chance to see one at the underwater Zoo. You can explore the underwater zoo world without limitations and in the heat of the summer.

The aquarium opens 10 am- 10 pm Sundays to Wednesdays, and 10 am-12 am on Thursdays to Saturdays.

5. IMG World of Adventures

Dubai img world of adventures

Right in the city of Dubai lies the world’s Largest Indoor Theme Park, IMG worlds of adventure.

The IMG World of Adventures is a must-visit for you, especially if this is your first time in Dubai in the summer. The indoor theme park is perfect for every member of your family to have fun, take on new adventures and save memories of the beauty of the experience.

I mean that IMG world offers top-notch entertainment for everyone. Your young kids would find this place adorable. Series of exciting animations are aired on the Cartoon Network, aside from the varied indoor activities your kids will enjoy.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is located on E311 of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, near the Arabian Ranches, a few minutes from the Global village in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It remains accessible from any part of the United Arab Emirates and far beyond via private cars, taxis, private coaches, and airplanes.

The World of Adventures and largest Indoor Theme Park is not great if you are journeying from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Touring from the Abu Dhabi International Airport to the IMG world of adventures won’t take you more than an hour and 30 minutes, I promise.

IMG World Theme Park remains open from 11 am-9 pm from Sundays to Wednesdays, and 11 am to 10 pm from Thursdays to Saturdays. Minor changes, nevertheless, are made during Ramadan.

6. Mall of the Emirates

At a point, it became a rumor that whatever you can’t find in the Mall of the Emirates, you may not find anywhere else in the whole of Dubai. The validity of the talk cannot be reargued as this proved true. If you doubt the truth of it, you should check out the malls yourself.

The mall births other entertainment options: examples include the Magic Planet family, world-class restaurants, and the Dubai mall itself only betters the famous Dubai Ski and its ambiance. It is located at the 4th interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, adjacent to the Kempinski Hotel in Dubai.

It is a place you will love to be and shop in this summer.

7. Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai dolphinarium park

All my life, I’ve never seen anyone who would want to hate the friendly dolphins. Such sweet creatures. Who wouldn’t love them?

The Dolphinarium is an aquarium solely for sea mammals – Dolphins and several seals. It holds a Dolphin and Seal Show for its visitors. Seeing these mammals display some animated features will give you a good laugh this summer. Having a good laugh helps cool the temperature of your body too.

The City of Dolphins is located at City Walk, Al Wasl.

The opening hours of the Dolphinarium are from 10 am to 6 pm every day. You will want to get there earlier to experience firsthand the dolphin dance I’m talking about. You may learn the dolphin dance sooner than you expect to.

8. Wild Wadi Water park

Dubai wild wadi water park

The waterpark is located beside the Jumeriah Burj Al Arab, and it is themed around the history of Arabian culture. The waterpark provides fun rides and slides for your children. It would give your children this intense adrenaline rush feeling they always desire to experience.

The waterpark is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm.

For your young ones this summer, allowing them to enjoy the pleasure of splashing in a waterpark in Dubai this summer will mean a great deal.

9. Museum Of Illusions

Dubai museum of illusions gate

It is a family-packed vacation deal for every family member, with engaging illusion experiences, anti-gravity rooms, and spinning tunnels to play your mind, a kind of adventure you may have never encountered.

The location of the museum is at Al Seef – Dubai Creek. On Mondays to Thursdays, the museum remains open from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm, Fridays and Saturdays, 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

10. Dubai Creek 

Beautiful dubai creek scene

The Dubai creek is a salt-water man-made creek located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Dubai Creek extended previously to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, making it the best place to get some stunning views of wildlife species.

A unique feature of this Creek is sailing via yachts and similar cruise boats, also active during nighttime. You can enjoy your dinner as the cruise sails through the crystal clear waters of the Creek. In addition, sightseeing of the beautiful city of Dubai and entertainment activities are scheduled while onboard the cruise. It is an experience you will want to go through again and forever.

Final thoughts

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is lovely all year round. Spending the summer in Dubai isn’t at any point a horrible experience if you’ve planned to holiday in this city in this period of heat. If I were to tell you all about the beauty of Dubai you can explore this summer, you would keep reading on and on for hours.

 The Etihad Museum, Yas islands, Dubai Frame, the Dubai Festival City, and nearby glamorous cities like Abu Dhabi are part of the wholesome list of places you would fancy being in this summer. You will need a tour guide to help you navigate through the city. At the point you get to the town, you can call me to help you.

Dubai offers everyone a chance to live in their wildest fantasies. I certainly lived in mine.

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