Top 10 | What To Do In Dubai In The Evening

The evening in Dubai is the most exciting time of the day. The city’s notorious traffic becomes a distant memory, and cinemas, malls, restaurants and bars come to life with energy. 

It’s an opportunity for travellers to get out of their hotel room and explore what this richly diverse city has to offer at night.

With one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Asia and some authentic Arabic food on offer, too, you’ll have no problem finding something for your evening entertainment.

 But, of course, the best part about exploring at night is that you get to see the city in its full glory- from the lights shimmering off high rises to the illuminated boats docked on Dubai Creek.

In this post, I’ll share my top 10 suggestions for Dubai in the evening.

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What to do in Dubai in the evening

  1. Dance through the heart of Dubai at night
  2. Watch the sunset while floating over Dubai creek
  3. See a show at the Dubai Opera before a meal at Ravi’s
  4. Window shopping at Dubai Mall
  5. Enjoy Dubai’s skyline from Burj Khalifa
  6. Stare at the Burj Al Arab
  7. Dinner and a Dubai Marina cruise
  8. Private walking tour in Dubai at night
  9. Experience marine life at the Lost Chambers Aquarium
  10. Visit the Dubai Global Village

1. Dance through the heart of Dubai at night

Dubai city night scene

Sheikh Zayed Road is known as the Heart of Dubai as it is home to most of the big hotels and clubs.

Here you can enjoy a Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort in Downtown Dubai that is suitable for you and your entire family to ski in Dubai at night. Snowboarding and skiing along the hills is an adventure you should look forward to, and you can wave a hi to Penguins from there.

You can also find the iconic Dubai Night Market, one of the major attractions for shopaholics and a nice place for shopping if you are visiting Dubai on a budget.

Dubai nightlife also extends from a night safari to full moon yoga. 

Depending on what you prefer, there are countless guides or tours that will immerse you in experiences across the Arabian desert.

We’re talking dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and BBQ dinner, full moon yoga, night sightseeing, quad biking, or even belly dancing and other forms of live entertainment. 

2. Watch the sunset while floating over Dubai creek

Dubai sunset view over downtown dubai

There are many lovely public beaches in Dubai where you can enjoy watching the sunset over a picnic, especially on the Palm-shaped Jumeirah, the largest man-made island. But, you can also enjoy a slice of rich Emirati history while floating on the famous Dubai creek that stretches along the glittering lights lining up the new Dubai canal in a Dubai show dinner cruise.

The Dubai creek extends to the Persian Gulf on the Persian border. However, people also believe it reaches inland to where the Ancient Greeks called it River Zara. 

3. See a show at the Dubai Opera before a meal at Ravi’s

Beautiful dubai opera house

The Dubai Opera hosts various entertainment genres like ballet, incredible music, family shows, comedy and many others that epitomizes Dubai at night. A night at The Dubai Opera will make you feel a range of emotions, have a good time, and make your time in Dubai enjoyable.

You may want to combine it with Ravi’s Pakistani restaurant is located in Al Satwa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). This restaurant offers inexpensive services, unlike other top restaurants in Dubai. Get to know the meal of the day from the waiters, and be sure to have your taste buds dancing in glee. Their services are friendly, and the food is excellent and affordable.

4. Window shopping at Dubai Mall

Many people shopping at dubai mall

Want to shop at midnight? Dubai at night is the same as daytime in the Dubai Mall! You might not have the budget to shop for expensive brands like Alexander McQueen, Chanel or Jimmy Choo, but some window-shopping wouldn’t be wrong, would it?

You could imagine it as a fashion show off where you’re your own guide at the World-famous Dubai Mall. The Dubai mall is usually open from 10 am through midnight. Go crazy with it!

5. Enjoy Dubai’s skyline from Burj Khalifa

A large burj khalifa dubai building

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and Dubai’s most iconic source of attraction, and you can get the most splendid views of the Dubai skyline from its windows. The Burj Khalifa is located in the heart of Dubai, giving you a grand view of the city underneath.

For a unique experience, you get to choose the perfect restaurant and experience new heights at The Burj Khalifa Lounge, which runs across the 152nd, 153rd, and 154th floors, making it the tallest standing lounge on earth.

From the world’s highest observation deck at 555 meters, feed your eyes to the beautiful scenery showing off the brilliance, from the Dubai Fountain beneath to the other endless displays of talent and dedication put in by skilled and artistic professionals, leaving the city wreathed in beauty and the tourists amazed. It is just INR 4000 for each person, a token to see Dubai at night in all her glory.

And when you get to the bottom, you get to see the Dubai Fountains

You can see the famous Dubai fountains at any time of the day, but at night it’s beautiful! And you wouldn’t spend money enjoying it. A potentially mouth-gaping stroll around the beauty of the Dubai Fountain show outside the Burj Khalifa, and the adjacent Dubai Mall is just what you need to do to enjoy a breathtaking experience.

6. Stare at the Burj Al Arab

Best view of burj al arab hotels

Some will choose to visit nearby cities like Abu Dhabi when they’ve experienced the heart of Dubai. Others will look out for another underwater zoo, but some others know the Jumeirah should be the next point of call for one reason – The Burj Al Arab.

This famous hotel shaped like a sail has become something like a symbol of what Dubai stands for. Still, its mind-bending architecture is only a part of this most enthralling of spectacular places for visitors; the exceptional service, panoramic views, and elite-class definition of luxury is second to none too.

7. Dinner and a Dubai Marina cruise

Night scene of dubai marina cruise

Located at Dubai Marina, this Dubai’s only five-star luxury dinner cruise, which costs approximately INR 5000 per person, is one of the most obligatory things to do in Dubai at night, especially for families (not necessarily, though).

With a range of delicious delicacies to great beverages, you’ll be left satisfied and wanting more at the same time. Having the moonlight illuminating Dubai at night, you also get to view Dubai’s breathtaking skyline, beautiful bright swirling colours and all.

It is open from 07:15 pm, and it is greatly recommended for honeymoons and dates, too, since it portrays beauty and romance.

8. Private walking tour in Dubai at night

Private walking tour in dubai at night

Explore Dubai’s significant highlights and landmarks as their shine in their full glory at night. After three hours, check out the city’s streets, turnings, and neighbourhood, exploring every nook and cranny accessible. Since it’s a private tour, you and your partners can get maximum attention from your tour guide.

Next, visit good restaurants, food shops, clubhouses where locals and other tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere.

There are also other attractions in Dubai that you can explore, like the Dubai Marina, Dubai Opera, Dubai Garden Glow (The Dubai Garden Glow is the world’s most extensive glow-in-the-dark garden made of recycled luminous fabrics), Yalseh, JBR beach, among many others.

Also, enjoy three delicious specialities of local Dubai city like the spiced bulgur salad, seasoned flatbread, manoushe and many others. From my experience, a private walking tour is the most convenient way to spend your evening in Dubai.

9. Experience marine life at the Lost Chambers Aquarium

Some people into the lost chambers aquarium

This underwater aquarium is built in Dubai Atlantis, a five-star hotel located in the palm islands of Dubai. The Atlantis hotel is also home to the aqua venture water park, one of Dubai’s most popular water parks. In the underwater aquarium, you can find different marine animals like Sea horses, Stingrays, sharks, clown fishes, and many others.

A view of the underwater world will be a breathtaking experience and a very educative one too. It is an experience the whole family will love and enjoy. It is open from ten in the morning to eleven in the evening.

10. Visit the Dubai Global Village

Many people have come to visit dubai global village

This is a huge outdoor market that is open during the winter season. Different landmarks and popular sources of attraction from several parts of the world are displayed globally. You get to see impressive things, and since it is only open from October to April, you won’t miss it with a well-planned trip.

The market is located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (or just Sheikh Zayed Road), Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Just like the many overnight desert safari programmes you’ll see, The Global Village is available all night, from four in the evening till 1 am in the morning.

The Mall of the Emirates covers over 630 international brands encompassing virtually everything concerning fashion, sports, electronics, home furnishing tools, and the largest Carrefour in the city.

Dubai Saftey Tips

  • Always follow the rules. Unlike other Western countries, UAE is very conservative about its laws. Tourists could be put in jail or detained for doing something legal in their own country or most countries. So always know and follow the rules.
  • If you are female, always dress modestly. Wear conservative clothes to avoid embarrassment and show regard and respect for the city’s customs.
  • Dubai isn’t an unsafe place. It is a well-guarded city, and major crimes are barely committed. You should be watchful for pickpockets, bad drivers, even terrorists, and do not leave your valuables unattended for any reason or period.
  • It would be best if you avoided certain places in Dubai. The conditions of these places make it dangerous for tourists—for example, Sonapur, the neighbourhood of Deira and Bur Dubai.
  • Dubai has a high rate of traffic accidents, so it is most advisable to use public means of transportation as it is the safest and most reliable means of transportation in Dubai. As a pedestrian, avoid walking near cars and if you have to cross, use the marked pedestrian crossings.


Is Dubai safe in the evening?

Yes, definitely. Compared to other cities, Dubai is one of the safest cities you can be in. You can safely take taxis at any time of the day, evenings in particular, and you can walk around alone in Dubai at night, provided it is an area where you are allowed access. But, of course, it would help if you were wary of petty thieves and reckless drivers, never walk close to the road or close to vehicles, use pedestrian crossings, and even be cautious because many motorists ignore these pedestrian crossings.

Can you safely walk in Dubai at night?

It is safe to walk at night in Dubai. Dubai is a very safe city, and you can walk at night alone or with your spouse or family in most parts of Dubai. However, it would be best to be cautious of reckless drivers while crossing the pedestrian crossings and looking carefully before crossing because reckless drivers ignore the pedestrian crossings. Here are some great places to visit in Dubai at night: Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence walk, Burj Park and many others.

Can you drink alcohol in Dubai?

It is okay to drink alcohol in the right places. As a tourist, you are allowed to drink alcohol in licensed restaurants, bars, and hotels. However, it is illegal and punishable to drink in public places; you can’t even drink on beaches. Dubai is very strict about public drunkenness and does not tolerate drinking and driving. Penalties for drinking alcohol publicly in Dubai includes long years of imprisonment, fines, and even Muslim travellers could receive lashes. A liquor license issued for Dubai is strictly for use in Dubai only. For each emirate city, you need a separate liquor license.

Can you hold hands in Dubai?

In Dubai, it is not advisable to hold hands if you are not a married couple. No matter how severe or committed your relationship is, do not hold hands in public or show any form of attraction because they are not tolerated in any way; it is considered an offence to public decency. Only married couples are allowed to hold hands in public. If the police stop you for the ‘crime’ of holding hands or kissing in public when you are not married, you may likely be in big trouble. Always maintain public conduct.

Are you allowed to cuss in Dubai?

In Dubai, you cannot use the word f**k and any other form of cussing. It is verbal abuse and is considered a crime because the word disgraces the honour of a person’s decency, according to article 373 of the UAE Penal Code. Also, you should avoid making rude gestures, too as they are seen as obscene acts, and you can be jailed or deported when caught.

Is it legal to use VPN in Dubai?

You can use VPN in Dubai, even though internet service providers like Etisalat have set up anti-VPN measures. It is only illegal to use VPN if it is to commit a crime. So when using VPN, follow the guidelines set up by the Telecom Regulatory Authority.

Is fundraising allowed in Dubai?

Fundraising is illegal in Dubai. It is not legal to raise money from the public, whether for donations or charity, without government approval. Many people in the past have been persecuted for fundraising without the permission of the government. To carry out fundraising, you must find a charity organization that is allowed to collect donations. A request must be submitted to the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities (IACAD). Once you get approval, you can start fundraising.

Are poppy seeds allowed in Dubai?

Poppy seeds are a banned substance in Dubai and every other part of the UAE. This is because poppy seeds are a source of opium, and if caught possessing them, it is seen as a violation and could lead to a jail term. Also, any food containing poppy seeds is banned, not even in bakery products.

What other odd thing isn’t tolerated in Dubai?

Vehicles! Believe it or not, once a dirty car is identified in Dubai, inspectors will stick a notice on the windshield of the vehicle. The driver will be given ten days to get the car clean, or the authorities would confiscate the motor, and the owners will have to pay a fine of AED 500 in addition to the cost of towing and impounding the vehicle. A dirty car gives a very negative impression on its user and the community, so it is not tolerated.
Dubai also has rules and regulations on who you can employ to wash your vehicle, how you wash it, and where you wash it. Before you wash your vehicle, ensure to know the rules and regulations to avoid dealing with the authorities. Hire a legal and licensed car wash service. You also cannot wash vehicles in public places, and you would be fined AED 100 for every number of times you are caught. You can wash your vehicle on a driveway provided the water doesn’t flow into the road or street. It is best to use a commercial car wash or dry wash to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. Dubai takes pride in its clean and beautiful city, ensuring to follow the city’s rules and regulations and make sure to keep the city clean and captivating whether you are a tourist or a citizen.

Final thoughts

Despite all the weird rules and regulations set by the government, Dubai remains one of the most popular places to spend time with your spouse, family, friends or even by yourself. So follow the rules and spend your evenings checking out the places recommended in this article, and you would be sure to have a fantastic vacation. Have fun!

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