7 of the Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 1000 Dollars

Any blogger worth following knows how demanding video editing is. And It’s not just about finding a system with a good graphics card. No, the issue lies with getting a system that has the perfect blend of high-level specifications, from impressive discrete graphics and smart processors to high-quality resolution. 

Contrary to expectations, finding a cheap video editing laptop is certainly possible. Some of the best laptops for video editing under 1000 dollars will serve just as well and with the reasonably low cost, you can free up more cash to do some other important stuff. 

Of course, a desktop computer is ideal for video editing work and they could even come at cheaper rates than their laptop counterparts. But travel vloggers have it a bit harder, with the added stress of finding great laptops for travel with reliability and strength in addition to the portability that is required of the best tool needed for creating unique content on the go. 

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To be frank, choosing the best tech companion for your vlogs depends least on your budget, as important as that factor is. Rather, buying a computer for editing your videos while traveling must be treated with a long-term perspective.

You should have a vague idea of the projects you want to accomplish using this computer. From the complexity to the format of the edits, you want a tech piece that will be worth the cash you want to sacrifice. To get us started, let’s see what to look for in a laptop for video editing. 

best laptops for video editing under 1000

Things to consider in a laptop for editing videos

Storage Space

The essence of a portable system lies in the wealth of storage it has available. At home, you might have access to external hard drives and the like, which become too bulky an option for travel vloggers who need to keep things light, especially since you’ll forget them anyway. Offline video editing software requires a large storage space.  Due to this, it becomes imperative that you have plenty of storage on your laptop, and having an expansive hard drive is a good place to start. Also if you are on the move a lot I would recommend a solid-state drive (SSD) over a traditional hard drive. Although the speed and enhanced performance of an SSD is traded off by the fact they will generally have less space than a traditional hard drive for the money.

Battery Life

The purpose of a portable device is lost when it goes off, then it becomes just a burden. That is the simple reason why the lifespan of a device between charge is a central factor to its choice. It’s as simple as that.

Storage Speed

There is usually a need one for the other between storage space and speed, and rightly so. Since the hard drive’s speed determines how quickly you can get your work done, it can get really frustrating when you have to wait hours looking at the software logo when you could have exported your footage already with a faster system. Of course, there is the famous trick where you store all programs and media files in separate drives for getting a boost on speed, but there is no substitute for a fast hard drive.


For those that feel more productive when they multitask, a reliable processor is an indispensable asset. Many experts consider a processor to be even more valuable than a dedicated graphics card for video editing, since the tasks tend to demand a lot from processors and memory. On one hand, shopping for a system with a good processor can be quite tricky, but a good rule of thumb is to go for a processor with loads of threads.


Basic knowledge of computers reveals that work done on computers uses the RAM for a temporary workstation. From that perspective, you can deduce that if you will need a large hard drive to store your saved data, it is equally important to have enough memory to afford you the flexibility to handle video editing and playback in real-time without dropping frames. A common practice is to allocate fractions of your memory to your work, so you can enjoy your work experience a bit more. While 8GB is a pretty solid level, 16GB RAM or more is preferable. Remember RAM can be upgraded pretty cheaply if you find a great deal but it is a little low.

Graphics Transition Card

Images on the system screen are made up of units called pixels, and the part of the computer set-up responsible for converting those pixels to data is the graphics card. As is the case with every other piece of tech, there are different grades of a graphics card. You need a graphics card capable of rivaling the speed of Barry Allen for executing video edits.


Most times the unique thing about travel vlogs lies their unique content. Having a weak audio support for a neatly edited video makes the graphics look worse. Thus, reducing your chance of communicating effectively, not only with yourself, but your audience in extension. It can be sacrificed, but there’s no need to settle for less.

Monitor Screen Quality

Imagine the most delectable pie you’ve ever tasted, screens are exactly like that. You don’t know you need some until you get yourself one. Also, being the first person to appreciate your work requires you to see it in its purest state, and nothing does that better than quality screen resolution. It is worthy of note that the same screen sizes could have different screen resolutions, and vice versa. So speak less of how wide the screen should be, and more of how clear the screen should be. 

For vloggers, there is an extra need to search out for advantages like anti-glare screens. Anti-glare screens are films made of special materials used to form extra layers on the surface of computer monitors. This film acts as a reflecting accessory against the rays of the sun. for people on the move, it can be the difference between a good job and a marvelous piece of art.

Best laptop under $1000 for video editing

  1. Apple MacBook Air
  2. Asus ZenBook 13
  3. Lenovo Yoga 720
  4. Dell Inspiron 7000 15.6″
  5. Samsung Notebook 7 13.3”
  6. HP Pavilion Flagship 15.6″
  7. Lenovo Premium Gaming Laptop L340

Each of all the qualities and requirements above demands loads of money to bring to reality, and so most people are forced to tradeoffs between each of them to get a tool they can attempt to edit their videos with. Have no such fear! For this written piece is here to expose the best budget laptop for video editing that finely balances all the requirements to help you get the best of all worlds. What’s more? These are cheap laptops for video editing that cost below $1000.

1. Apple MacBook Air

budget laptop for video editing

Only pride would keep this machine off this list, even though it costs slightly more than $1000. For what it’s worth, it stands in this list as a symbolic representation for budget video editing laptops since it costs much less than its earlier models. If you are lusting after the Macbook Pro, but can’t quite budget it, this is a very good second option.

Performance-wise, it delivers just okay, which is a bit steep for its price. After all, we expect nothing less from Apple. It is a Y-Series Intel Core i5-8210Y CPU blessed with just 8GB of RAM, and while this looks very unimpressive in written script, Apple rigged the processor to have short bursts of pleasing performance at lightning-fast speeds that peak at 3.6Ghz.

best laptop for editing video

The storage space leaves even less to be desired with a terrible 128Gb of space offered where rival tech nowadays come with double of that. To make matters worse, upgrading to a 256Gb hard drive would require an additional $200 investment, and at that rate, buying an external storage unit looks the better decision. The battery life is just a bit better and has been tested to last just half an hour longer than the recorded average. 

It is in its display, however, that it seems Apple placed it’s bets with the MacBook Air proving intelligence with every color rendered. Through the magnificent True Tone feature, the resolution of the MacBook Air provides a delicious spectacle to cater for your video editing needs. Apart from that, it was nice to hear this device continue Apple’s momentum with Audio goodness, and it felt even better to be heard to a very decent degree by Siri despite being enveloped in noise. 

  • Is Cheap for an Apple device
  • Has the dynamic True Tone feature to enhance display, which is indispensable for video editors.
  • Is Smart, as expected of a Mac
  • Has a Passable Battery Life
  • Has a Siren-like Audio System
  • Is an Apple Device, everyone loves a Mac
  • Has a bad deal for storage. I mean, 128Gb?
  • Has Average Specs

2. Asus ZenBook 13

best laptop for video editing philippines price

The Asus ZenBook 13 redefines the tag of a budget laptop for video editing by delivering the quality of resourcefulness that would normally only comes with premium laptops. First, it has to be said that it looks heavenly, even though that has never helped any travel vlogger. What can help, though, is good performance, and the Asus Zenbook delivers with distinct aplomb. 

An 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor and 8GB of RAM in its make-up ensures that it is very capable of handling complex tasks with admirable ease, to put in perspective for a travel vlogger, it took the Asus Zenbook half the time it took a MacBook Air to transcode the same 4k video to 1080pixels. All of its abilities have it competing fairly with only premium-level systems. 

best laptop for video editing under $1000 2021

As for the graphics, it underwhelms with the mention of an Intel-sponsored UHD 620 summing up its Graphic prowess. Also, just like many others valued at a similar price, it also has a terrible 720p Webcam accessory. But then again it does a great job of lasting through the day, with a mind-blowing battery life in store for the owner. 

  • Exquisite design
  • Fast and dependable performance
  • Awesome battery life
  • Lively colors on a wonderful 1080p screen 
  • Has dull lighting for its display
  • Has a cramped keyboard layout and strange touchpad
ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop 13.3” FHD WideView, 8th-Gen Intel Core i7-8565U Processor, 8GB...
  • Powerful & fast for effortless on-the-go computing: 8th generation Intel Core i7-8565U processor, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD & 16GB RAM

3. Lenovo Yoga 720

best laptops for video editing under 2000

This beauty comes in a heavier package than her mates, and with its numerous plusses, you can tell exactly why it is. The Lenovo Yoga 720 is armed with a core i7 processing unit and the latest Nvidia GeForce 10-series graphic card that guarantees you an amazing performance regardless of the task. The storage size is a respectable 256Gb worth of space, in the world of SSDs, you can suck it up. Also,  the Lenovo Yoga 720 impresses even more with a battery lifespan that puts her competition to shame running with the operating system Windows. 

Its design can look very bland, but being a convertible could make up for those quirks, as the mobility you get from using it either as a tent, tablet or laptop makes it fancy enough to impress. Ahem, I mean, makes it able to get work done on the go. 

best laptop for video editing uk

The 1080p display resolution on the 15.6″ of the Lenovo Yoga 720 is unfortunately very average, it reproduces color gamuts very well, but lacks the precision and lighting blend that would earn it some praise. 

  • Has respectable graphic ability
  • Offers astounding performance
  • Has decent storage 
  • Is convertible, very cool.
  • Looks bland
  • Is quite on the heavy side
  • Processor balks under intense pressure
Lenovo Yoga 720 2-in-1 15.6" 4K Ultra HD Touchscreen Gaming Laptop | Intel i7-7700HQ Quad-Core |...
  • 15.6" Touchscreen Widescreen LED-LCD (3840 x 2560) (UHD) display, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics

4. Dell Inspiron 7000 15.6

best budget laptop for video editing 2021

The due process would be to first take off hats to the most beautiful and sleekest laptop Dell have ever made. The visual appeal of this tech piece is its first selling point. On a more functional note, the 8th gen Intel Core i7 and 16Gb of RAM built-in promise and deliver an unmatchable experience for laptops under the $1000 benchmark, recording 4k to 1080p transcoding speeds and overall performance that many premium laptops can only dream of. This is mismatched by the less inspiring graphic ability of the Inspiron 7000 that is accompanied by a rather meek quality of audio output.

best laptop for video editing uk

Fortunately, the product is saved by an illuminating display that creates a thirst for more 4k panels, and an innovative combination called the ‘Active Pen’. The Active Pen is the banner for the 2-in-1 options for the laptop’s usability – A pen that equally registers notable responsiveness on touch with the screen, is brilliantly placed in a crevice fashioned off the hinges of the system. This addition accounts for the spike in the ergonomic satisfaction scores of the Dell Inspiron 7000, but does nothing to rescue the battery life of the laptop from the load of the 4k display.

  • Underwent great material selection procedure for its chassis
  • Has the Active Pen, which is a stroke of genius
  • Is quite the looker
  • Performs at premium-level
  • Has a battery that can’t keep up with how good it is
  • Has grating audio speakers
  • Has poor lighting in its display

5. Samsung Notebook 7 13.3”

best laptop for editing video

For all the direction that Samsung laptops of the past have shown, it is ironically becoming clear that Samsung is becoming disillusioned when it comes to the design of laptops. The Samsung Notebook 7 13.3” doesn’t shake that feeling at all. However, if you look past the looks, the Notebook 7 delivers when it counts with an arsenal made up of up to 16Gb RAM, a Core i7 processor and a strong 256GB SSD hard drive that can be upgraded to 512Gb if needed. That said, it is perhaps only faster at transcoding videos from 4k to 1080p than some other laptops in its class, and is warm enough to make it hard to swallow with a basic graphic card, but that’s not saying it doesn’t farm videos well, it does.

best laptops for video editing under 2000

When it comes to displays, the Samsung Notebook 7 has 13+ inches of white balance accuracy and color reproduction to defend it. Also, it’s screen resolution is no scam, outdoing itself with an absolute clarity that will be appreciated by even people with little to no knowledge about screens. All that matters though, is that the Notebook 7’s middling quality is okay for its price and still useful for certain levels of video editing.

  • Has a crisp display that has little competition
  • Doesn’t heat up
  • Smoothly transitions between its 2-in-1 design modes
  • Good enough storage and okay performance
  • Has a not-so-good webcam
  • Doesn’t come with a Stylus
Samsung Notebook 7 13.3” (8GB RAM/256GB SSD)
  • Power & performance - Maximize performance with an Intel Core i7 Processor, a solid state drive with up to 512GB of storage and an NVIDIA MX 250 graphics...

6. HP Pavilion Flagship 15.6″

laptop best video editing

Hewlett Packard were certainly not joking around when they came out with one of the best laptops for video editing under 1000 bucks. The specs drop many jaws with an insane 12Gb RAM working together with an Intel Core i5-8300H processor unit and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 to form a reliable brain capable of breaking down the strongest walls, on paper at least. In reality, it is a little less dramatic, but very effective nonetheless. 

video editing best laptop

The battery life of HP’s Pavilion Flagship is also deserving of a passing score, nothing more or less. Its Hard drive is a whole terabyte, but clocks low transfer speeds, but is future-proof with enough type C USB ports in a full deck that includes an earphone Jack and a HDMI port, not bad for a cheap laptop for video editing.

  • Strong performance all-round
  • Sweet design
  • Works and plays cool
  • Expansive Storage
  • Could have been made to run higher transfer speeds 
  • Could have also had a better audio System and webcam
2019 HP Pavilion Flagship 15.6" Full HD IPS Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Quad Core i7-8550U, 12GB DDR4...
  • 15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS BrightView Micro-Edge WLED-Backlit Touchscreen Display, Intel UHD Graphics 620

7. Lenovo Premium Gaming Laptop L340

video editing laptop best

Due to the higher powerful specs found in most gaming laptops, they often double up as great video editing laptops as well. To make this a budget video editing laptop, Lenovo chose to sacrifice the chassis of the laptop for better functionality. Due to this trade-off, the Lenovo Premium Gaming Laptop L340 boasts a Nvidia GTX 1650 and 8Gb of RAM to complement the intel core i5 processing unit that can clock up to 4.1Ghz. to cut a long story short, the configurations the L340 is available in, all perform expertly, with very good values gotten from digital content creation tests. Fortuitously, the workmanship employed in the design of the encasement for the system is expertly done to make it look good anyway.

The Lenovo Premium Gaming PC Laptop L340’s display has incredible brightness distribution and a respectable color panel. the colors are separated from each other nicely enough and the contrast ratio doesn’t hurt the eyes. The display should prove sufficient for travel vlogging since it doesn’t hurt the battery life as much as it should. Still, the less said about the battery and the audio, the better.

best laptops for video editing under 2000

 The most impressive thing about the L340, though, is its storage. With the Lenovo laptop boasting a 512gb SSD hard drive with between 1Gb to 2Gb of storage space that has easily become a selling point for the laptop. It operates quietly and the owner is assured of consistent performance for long periods of time with the reliable graphic card in the mix.

  • Talks a strong game for performance, and doesn’t disappoint
  • Massive Storage
  • Looks good despite plastic being used for the entire chassis
  • Can work with consistent excellence on tough projects
  • Has a poorer battery life than average 
  • Extra-sensitive touchpad
2019 Newest Lenovo Premium Gaming PC Laptop L340: 15.6" FHD IPS Anti-Glare Display, 9th Gen Intel...
  • latest and powerful 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H Processor (2.6GHz Base, up to 4.50GHz with Turbo Boost, 6 core, 12MB Cache), a high-end processor...

Final thoughts on the best laptops for video editing under 1000 dollars

All in all, the goal was to find the best cheap laptop for editing youtube videos and creating vlogs on the go. While they clearly have a few limitations, they will doubtlessly prove good enough as an asset computer for editing videos while traveling.

And so, with systems like the Asus ZenBook 13 and Lenovo Yoga 720 up for grabs, and a MacBook that just happens to fall under that category (everyone loves the Mac), there is no need for further proof that having a budget below $1000 is no excuse for buying a low-quality laptop. All that is needed is a little direction, and this list rounds up the best budget video editing laptops. Good Luck!

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