Celebrate the Past in High Fashion in Seneca County

Seneca County has been a big player in Ohio’s history for over 200 years. A fort in the War of 1812, a major train hub, creators of hand blown glass and an elaborate theatre put Tiffin on the map. Read the full post: Celebrate the Past in High Fashion in Seneca County

Discovering Sunrise at Mt. Rainier

The Sunrise area in Mt. Rainier is the highest paint you can drive to. Enjoy reading about the area at https://batteredsuitcase.net/discovering-sunrise-a…

7 Best Things to See in New Orleans

Have you ever been to New Orleans? Well I got the 7 best things to see while visiting the city. I also provide you the historical background behind these places you should visit. Are you ready, then grab your bag and travel the world! Check out my post here.

Discovering Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is located in the desert of California. It has a number of interesting landscapes and plants, particularly its namesake, the Joshua tree. Read about our winter visit at Batteredsuitcase.net – Joshua Tree National Park